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    Mistake in mother's name in 12th marksheet

    Do the names in the marksheets and certificates not tally? Worried about whether it will create a problem in a job interview? Read the responses from expert on this page.

    My mother's name does not tally in my 10th marksheet and 12th marksheet. Can it create problem to getting job? How to deal with this problem at the time of interview?
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  • Yes, Its really a matter of concern. I will suggest you to apply for the correction of the mother's name in your mark sheets of 10th and12th.
    You have to applied for the correction of mother's names in the mark sheets and certificates. For the correction you have to submit a form online /offline with certain fees and some documents like photocopy of scholar book of school and photo copy of mark sheet along with original mark sheet. After 10-15 days your board will issue you a new certificate and mark sheet.
    In most of the boards, you can submit online application. If you apply within three months of declaration of result you will get new mark sheet free of charge. If you are applying after time periods, they will charge some nominal charges.
    You can apply online yourselves of through any Kiosk Center.
    So, go for the correction and it very easy process. I will suggest you to apply as soon as possible.

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  • Sir i passed 12th in 2015 i also contact cbse they said me that it will correct through the high court .

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  • I think you have to get it corrected in such case. You may have to do the legal documentation for the same. As govt based jobs do take those things in mind. And for these things to work out it helps for you to change the name properly. You can get information regarding changes in nearby grahak seva kendra. And that should be more than enough to get things sorted properly.

  • Although it is a minor mistake involving your mother's name, even then you may face problem in case of selection in Government jobs or in property-related matters. However, the solution is more or less simple. You have to go to a First-class Magistrate of your city and sign a suitably-worded affidavit stating that Mrs. AB and Mrs. ABC (your mother's name) is same and that her name has been wrongly written as Mrs. AB in your XIIth mark-sheet. You have to preserve this affidavit. Additionally, a similarly-worded advertisement is also required to be published in an English newspaper and in a vernacular newspaper. You need to keep these advertisements permanently.

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  • If it is a mistake of board, they will correct it. For example you have filled in your application your mother's name as Ms.A and the board has written this as Ms. B. They should correct it. Now what I understand is you have given her name wrongly. That is the reason they are asking you to go to court.
    As already suggested you have sign an affidavit in the court . You have to advertise the same in newspapers so that in future you will not have any problem. You can submit a copy of affidavit if any one wants it for their reference. You can take the help of a local lawyer for doing the required.

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  • It will not impact job interviews but will impact to get other documents like passport , Aadhar card etc. Also it will continue same name in graduation and post graduation certificates. Suitable would to get corrected through university or get affidavit. Please note to write correct name going forward in application forms for any kind of studies or examination. This will at least make sure to get correct name in future marksheet and certificates.

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  • As the authorities are not correcting the name of your mither even after giving the supporting documents then you have to give a legal affidavit on stamp paper explaining all the facts and get it certified by a notary public or court magistrate. Based on this affidavit and supporting document in confirmation of your mothers correct name the board authorities will issue the corrected marksheets for a nominal fee. Depending upon the local procedure if after ascertaining your affidavit the education board asks your school authorities to issue it from the school itself then school authorities can also issue the same.

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  • Can only affidavit solve my problem

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    Can only affidavit solve my problem

  • This problem has many solutions and which solution you choose depends on the time you have in your hand. First contact your school or college principal and ask him to issue you a letter which states that it was the mistake of your school in printing your mother's name (if the mistake was from school side). Login to your school board portal and apply for certificate correction and now days all boards have this correction interface. Most of this procedure you can find it on their website itself.
    Apart from above method issuing an affidavit is also a option as explained by others.

  • I passed 12th in 2015.according to cbse rule correction time is only one year. cbse tell that correction will be done through high court. will affidavit be my best option?

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    Please tell me some suggestion.

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