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    Which baby care products are safe to use?

    Have a query about bast care products? Searching for which ones are safe? Check out this page for resolution to yuor query.

    I often come across the news items like customers suing the companies for getting cancer like diseases by continuously using their beauty products. There are many child care products available in the market like baby powders, baby oils, baby shampoos, baby moisturizers, baby diapers, etc. Since children's skin is very delicate and their immunity system is also not well developed, will there be any ill effects of using these products? Which baby care products are safe to use?
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  • There are a lots of products related to baby care. Fortunately companies like Johnson &Johnson provide us with a whole range of baby products. It's a trustworthy brand. There are baby powder, oils, creams and what not.
    I'd approve any product from them.
    I'd suggest pampers and huggies for diapers because of their customer satisfaction.
    If you still are insecure about your baby products, there are ayurvedic products being circulated in markets.
    They pose no threat to babies and protect them in a traditional way.

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  • There is no product which can be called hundred percent safe . Any artificial material is not conducive to the child's soft skin. In my childhood, my grandparents were using only natural products for baby care. They were using finely powdered green gram flour in place of soap, they were using the homemade coconut oil by warming the homemade coconut milk and extracting the sweet smelling nice oil. They were using the crushed skin of 'soap nut' [plant as scrubber. They were using home made black paste using rice etc as the Bindi , etc.

    However all such is not so easily possibly now. So we have to be content with choosing the lesser evil. Reputed and established brands are better trusted as they are subject to monitoring and reaction. They have gained experience over many years. However one should use them judiciously and as per the way prescribed in the manuals coming with the products(if any). It is always better not to use excessively also. Not just the cosmetics, but care should also be in the food , clothing and toys also for small children.

  • There are many products available for babies from different companies. The market is flooded with these products.

    We must be careful in choosing them as most of them will be containing chemicals and other materials which may harm the baby. First and foremost we should purchase only the reputed and branded items from established companies in the market.

    If possible with little know-how from internet or books on natural products certain household materials like refined coconut oil can be used for massaging the baby skin and things like that. Even the Grandma's tips are useful in many cases. One can avoid going for costly products in this way.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Well when it comes to baby care products, we have to be careful and ensure that no side effect is created on the tender body of the baby. We all know Johnson's baby care products are the best and it has the trusted name among the new born mothers. But of late the Himalaya products are also having good range and acceptance among new mothers and the company is basically marketing ayurvedic formulations. Like wise Patanjali also came with baby care products but still we have not heard about the acceptance of the new mothers. So it depend on the mother and her choice would be final.

    K Mohan
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  • It is good to ensure before introducing new things to babies. I am a mom of two kids. Though many recommended Johnson's baby products, I avoided because, I too read those news came against Johnson's. Then I tried Himalayas, and found no complaints. Himalayas baby massage oil has good smell. Himalayas baby diaper rash cream has good effect for diaper rashes. To my second kid, I got Johnson's body lotion as a gift and it smelled better than Himalayas. So I tried. No complaints with Johnson's too. Now I use, Himalayas baby products for massage oil , powder, wipes and soap but for lotion I use Johnson's(pink) baby body lotion.

    I found both the brands are good. What i suggest you is, give a try for once or twice with sample pockets. If you find it good, then continue.

    Sri Vetri
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  • Srimathi my mention of two products which I had recommended got your nod with personal experience. Both the above brands have been enjoying the customers patronage and there cannot be degrading of their product as strict quality control has been envisaged for the safe skin of infants.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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  • Hi,
    When you go for baby care products it can not be said that any brand is 100 % safe, as all of them uses so much of chemicals in them. so, you must be careful and aware while choosing products for your baby.
    Johnson and Johnson is a renowned company which is a leading brand of baby care products around this globe. All of their products are dermatological tested and non allergenic. So, you can easily use them for your baby. this company has a collection of lotions, cream, powder, soaps and shampoo. Other than this brand you can also try Himalaya products which brings herbal skincare products for babies also like beauty products. Patanjali also launches its new baby care range with a wide collection of products.
    Choose one among these specified brands of your choice and budget while buying baby care products.

  • I prefer you to buy himalaya baby care products which is currently popular due to their all natural claim and truely safe for babies. Smoothing, effective and mild, these products keep your baby's skin nourished. If you are searching online to buy products than babyoodles is a good portal for buying baby care products. Discounted price and products quality is really good. another baby care products are johnson. While buy any baby care products first check expiry date. Read the composition of the products and if you find any use of chemicals avoid using it for your baby.

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  • When it comes to baby products Johnson and Johnson care products would be the best. Reason for choosing Johnson baby products is that it is one of the most oldest serving company in baby care products. They have passed through all the tests required for child health care products.
    You can surely go with this brand without any hesitation . When it comes to diapers I suggest you Pampers or any Japanese brand as they specialize in this product.

  • I think those who had kids in last 3 years can tell you which products are safe. As they have some experience buying products, their experience definitely helps. As each year some brand comes in and makes products but often those products are not safe or have some quality assurance issue. In case of baby care products the issue can't be tolerated. So companies like Johnson & Johnson and few others are reliable. Most of the maternity doctors and nurses know which brands are good. Though some use the brand due to pure financial gain. So you may have lot better luck with using the product which is recommended by parents who had kids in the past.

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