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    Is there any take home work available in Mangalore

    Want to work from home? Looking out for avenues? On this page you can check out responses from experts on this page.

    I am looking for a work that can be done at home like data entry or paper works that we can take home, do it /complete it and give it back and earn from that.
    Can anyone tell me if such type of work is available in Mangalore?
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  • You can do a whole lot online.
    There are various online jobs that gets you upto 5000-10000 rupees a month.
    1. ad clicking jobs- just watch each ad for few seconds and get paid accordingly.
    2. online data entry.
    3. content writing.
    4. Captcha solving.

    These jobs can be done from anywhere. I'll link you up to a reference web page in attachments.

    Go to this link:

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  • There are plenty of work at home jobs for the travel based websites. Like answering the support ticket. And also the jobs for tele calling etc. I think you should also work on the paytm agent jobs. I have found those type of jobs are paying very good. Though not much earning but surely it does earn good money there. So here are some options for you -

    1. Paytm agent jobs.
    2. Content writing jobs - makemytrip
    3. Work at home support jobs - makemytrip, tripadvisor
    4. Digitize india jobs.

    These are some of the jobs that you can do from home. But may require some long hours. So see if you can find some weekend jobs instead.

  • Thank you very much Aditya Mohan and Mahesh for your valuable answers.

    Expecting some more answers/ suggestions from you all

    Thank you

  • One can write contents and submit in India Study Channel in the resource section, answer in Ask Expert section if you're really good at writing articles.

    Start a Blog and Be your own Boos:
    Work at home jobs are most convenient to get started and fetch lifetime revenue shares from Direct advertising or Alternative advertising like Google Adsense.

    Start a niche, start writing contents and craft your creativity to earn revenue. The more you work hard, the more money you earn. This is only recommend if you have enough passion in writing.

    YouTube Content Creator:
    Create a YouTube channel, and upload videos related to tutorials or information that you're good at. Once you fetch or reach 10K views with 1000 Subs, you will be promoted to create a custom URL channel and you will receive an invitation from YouTube to monetize your content.

    Join them and create valuable and quality contents. You will earn pay per view. It takes time but earning is lifetime. For work at home jobs with links and reviews, check out Genisys Creator, our channel to get more insight understanding.

    Simple Paid to Complete Task:

    1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

    2. Click Worker

    3. Rapid Worker

    4. Micro workers

    5. One Space

    6. Mini Jobz

    Participate in Surveys, Task and Earn:

    1. Swag Bucks

    2. Toluna

    3. Inbox Dollars (Will not earn much if you are from India) since it's a US based website.

    4. Cash Crate

    5. One Pool

    6. I-say

    Work based on GIGS (You decide your PAY):

    1. Fivver

    2. Gig Bucks

    3. Gig Walk

    4. Foureer

    5. Tenrr

    6. Zeerk

    7. SEO clerk

    8. Etsy

    9. Job Boy

    10. Task Army

    Expert and Knowledge based:

    1. Freelancer

    2. Indeed

    3. Upwork

    4. Simply Hired


    6. People Per Hour

    7. Project For Hire

    8. Craigslist

    9. Bit coin Mining (Slush Pool)

    Reviewing Calls- Inbound and Outbound calls:

    Are you expert in reviewing calls-Inbound and Outbound? In, you as a newbie or experienced candidates they hire you. Task worth 1 to 4 cents and 8 to 20 cents which takes less than 30 seconds to earn those cents.

    First, learn the tutorial videos from our channel to avoid errors for Live Conversation Inbound and Outbound, Home Services, Inventory discussion, Car dealership, Why Not Booked Home services, and etc. Please note that you only unlock those high paying categories if you maintain a minimum accuracy rate of 95% to 100 in both categories.

    Follow the instruction on how to review calls before getting started. If you mark calls incorrectly, you will be penalized and payments are deducted. The pay per review are estimated in ¢1.4, ¢4.6, ¢7.5 etc... Which means 1, 4, and 7 cents respectively.

    In order to review calls, you must visit www. and submit an application by singing in to Humanatic using your verified PayPal account. If your application is approved, you will receive an input from support team in 3 working days. The calls are available starting from 7 PM to 7AM IST.

    Mining Bitcoins:
    1ß bit coin is worth 1000 dollars. If you have this ISRSC machine with super computers, you can mine bitcoin or join a mining pool to get started.

    Become a Beta App Tester:
    Are you a programmer? Are you interested to test apps before releasing them on Play Stores and iOS store? Join beta testing team or pen tester. They pay $10 to 100 per task.

    Bug Bounty Hunter
    US based website are recruiting those tester to find bugs and glitches in network security and apps and servers. If you find bugs and report you will get a handsome rewards ranging from $50000 to $100000.

    Please note that do not report bugs for Indian companies since they pay per app or per servers. Even if you report bugs, they won't pay you. I reported more than 6 bugs and instead if monetary rewards I received a Big THANK YOU email. Don't do it or waste your time.

    Offer a service in Fiver
    If you are good a something like writing lines of codes, programming, writing, web designing, etc... Offer a service and you decide your pay.

    Please don't take up data entry jobs because I have had tried it and if you made an error especially TYPOS ERR, you will regret. Along with these, don't never ever take up CAPTCHA typing jobs. They pay 1 cents for every successful task and those words contains more than 8 to 10 letters and 5 seconds to type. Even if your typing speed is LIGHTINING fast, you would hardly earn 1 to 2 dollars a day. It won't even fetch the bills of your internet bills and cup tea even if you work day and night. This job is not recommend.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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