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    Job opportunities as a dietician

    Aspiring to become a dietician? Searching for job prospects? Check out this page for resolution to your questions.

    I have done my BSc in Microbiology and MSc in Bioinformatics. Now I have done Diploma in Nutrition and Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care from IGNOU. I have completed Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics from Apollo knowledge.
    What are my job prospects as a Dietitian? Can I practice at Clinics and other hospitals or nursing homes as a dietician?
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  • Many popular healthcare and the gyms are now in need of the dietician. Many IT companies hire the dietician for their campus health advisory board. And like this there are plenty of options for job. Though you need to have a lot of networking there in order for you to get job leads. Once you do get jobs make sure to build portfolio lot quicker. Earlier you land more clients then it becomes easier for you to go ahead with the diet.

    I suggest taking additional courses that most of the dietician take, like fitness trainer. And that should boost your career too. I have found that there are many jobs within gym like this. And there is definitely a chance for those who wish to do the job in that place.

  • People are becoming more and more health conscious and the role of a dietician is becoming important in this arena.

    There are many job opportunities for a dietician. Most of the big and corporate hospitals hire dieticians for taking feedback from the patient for the hospital food as well as advising the patient for an appropriate calorie food as per their health condition and course of treatment they are undergoing. In many institution where subjects related to health, food, diet, cookery etc are taugh, the dieticians are kept for the related curriculum. In big hotels also some dieticians are hired for catering to the important guests. Dietician can join some private health club or institute or nursing home for advice on diet of the members or patients.

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