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    Masters course after a gap of 9 yrs

    Want to get back to studies after a long gap? Looking out for which universities allow student to join college after a gap? On this Ask Expert page you can find responses to your query.

    I have completed my B.Sc B.Ed in 2008. After that due to family problem I had left studies. Now I am feeling I can resume my studies and go for Masters in Chemistry but when I enquired about the masters course in local university ( Vidyasagar University), then they were telling that maximum 3 yrs gap is allowed after graduation.
    Is there any rule regarding gap between graduation and post graduation and can be there any means or other universities which offers M.Sc in my case?
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  • If you have a passion for the persuasion for the Masters' degree in chemistry, the same can be persued through Distance - education such as IGNOU, Madurai Kamraj University, Symbosis etc. They allow the aspirants to go ahead in their mission.
    With a grand result and by updating your skill, you would not be deprived of the oppurtunities such as continuation of your studies/ jobs.
    You may make an enquiry from the concerned authorities for taking up Masters degree in chemistry.

  • Are you working as a teacher now. What are doing presently?
    Teachers working can study M.Sc as a part time course. Andhra University is having this facility. You have to go two months during your summer holidays to university. One of my uncle has done it in Botany.
    Another way is Distance education course. There are many universities offering this course. One of my colleague passed M.Sc through distance education from IGNOU.
    You can apply for regular course for M.Sc after 8 years also but getting a seat is very difficult. Now a days students are getting very high percentage of marks.
    The best is to complete through distance education.

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  • Thank you Sir. But I wanted to do it as regular course. I tried to apply for Vidyasagar University online but it only showed for 2016 and 2017 passed out candidates. Before 2016 students it is not pemiting .

  • To get enrolled into masters course of any university you will first have to pass an examination conducted by the university for admission into such courses. Many universities do not consider the educational gap until and unless you have good scoring in your graduation and have utilised your time in working for any company. The university may also allow you to work part time as a lecturer. The only thing you need to find out which university you can get admission.
    Considering IGNOU is also a good option as explained in above answers.

  • If you are graduate then you can wait even 20 years gap for post-graduation, and there should be no issue. My sister got M.Com and DBM at the age of 38. So you can guess it;s more than 17 years gap from her education. It may be noted that university does not care for all of this as long as you pass the exam which is conducted for the admission. Also you may have to have a good grades that makes you qualify for the exam. You may also want to pay attention to the working hours and the degree course lecture times. You can apply in the universities which allow post graduation and also distance education if possible. Gap should not be an issue as long as you are working in the right direction.

  • Thank you sir for your suggestions and sharing experiences but now a day every form is filled online and they program the page in away that it will not go beyond certain years .Thats why there is problem in applying .Rest I am preparing for exam .

  • There is no such rule of UGC. Every university frames its own rules. However, for attending correspondence degrees, there is no such limitation. Having said this, I would request the author to check with IGNOU. I am not fully sure whether IGNOU offers M.Sc (Chemistry or not), but there is no such limitation, for sure.

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  • For the regular course most of the universities are following some age criterion and it may not be feasible to get admission there for post graduation. You can personally visit and try if some relaxation can be given by the vice chancellor or principal in such cases. May be a few seats are allotted for such category. This you may not be able to find out in the online form. Anyway distance education from reputed agencies like IGNOU can also be considered in absence of regular option.

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