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    How to get rid of lizards from home?

    Wondering how to eradicate the menace of lizards? Searching for resolution? Check this page out and finds answers to your query.

    Lizards are creating menace at our home. Instead of walking on walls and ceilings, they are walking on floor nowadays. Children and elders are getting frightened when they suddenly see lizards walking in front of them. How to remove lizards from home naturally instead of killing them? Is there any electronic lizard repellent available in the market?
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  • First of all this is a very common problem especially in countries like India with high density of people. I suggest you to make some changes in your lifestyle. First make your house free of clutters and see to that your house is not congested of furniture. Do see to that your house is always clean and tidy free of litter.
    Electronic repellents are available in the market but they have very bad reviews. It is believed that they are of no use and hardly have any good results.
    I can suggest you to keep pieces of garlic in every corner of your house to avoid lizards. Also you can make use of egg shells as lizards are afraid of birds they may think that any bird is nearby and they may leave. Making use of stick boards is also a good option.

  • The prime thing is to remove the food for Lizard, ie. other small insects. Those insects can be removed by using insect killing sprays , granule insecticides and pastes. These are available common. If you are averse to kill lizards, drive out the lizard by a smooth brush, spraying water or shoo...shooing, Then remove all the cobwebs and remove all the clutter and dirt. Then use the multipurpose insect spray to kill the small insects. Take normal precautions for using the spray.

    Wait for sufficient time till the insects are killed and/or driven out.Clean the whole place especially the corners,; seal any small ant hole, crack etc on walls and floor corners. Paint or colour wash or white wash the walls and monitor keep the wall space space without any cobwebs. Remove any cobweb forming immediately then and there. Do not give room for insects and flies to visit the place again. You can keep chemical deodorants, Camphor or some other materials which give pleasant odour also.
    You may have to repeat use of insect sprays periodically if you spot insects again. You can get rid of Lizard menace also by this.

    Electronic insect repellents can be useful, but not to the expected level. They are not effective on small flying insects.

  • We were told to use the following options.

    1. Egg shells near the place where lizards hide.
    2. Using HIT or mortein spray on them.
    3. Using pest repellent sound system

    Out of these three second and third worked. However the pest repellent sound system may not be a good idea if you have dog or cat pet at home. In such case using the HIT spray for cockroach and mosquitoes work on the lizards too.

  • Lizards thrive on small insects like flies, fruit flies, musquitos, wall creeping insects etc. So prime thing for their removal is cleanliness in the house. Use of napthlene balls in wardrobes and other closed places will help in keeping the insects away. Regular spray of anti insect formulation is also required for making the house free of various insects which are the main food item for lizards.

    Next important thing is the small openings at the corner of old windows or exhaust openings are to be plugged. These are the usual entry points for lizards. Windows should have steel nets or iron mesh installed.

    Many anti insects spray available in market work effectively on lizards.

    There are many home remedies available but they are to be tested for their effectiveness. Some of the popular remedies are spraying mixture of coffee and tobacco, broken bird egg shells, garlic etc on the lizards.

    Knowledge is power.

  • First way to get rid of lizards from house is just pick them up and throw outside from home if you cannot hold them for a long than pick & put them into a chase box and throw them outside. Second way is to always keep your home clean and get crumbs removed as soon as possible. Another way is to seal all cracks and holes that you see, these are the entry points that lizards tend to use.

  • Lizards are reptiles that use to hibernate during winters and as India is country of variable seasons so you have to think of seasons except for winters. To remove the lizards out you have to firstly enhance your hygiene habits. A healthy atmosphere decreases the rate of grow of any organism. So improve your house health, keep it as clean and clear as a crystal.

    Next you have to proceed for better quality interior emulsion paint. Just provide all your interior walls with smooth glossy emulsion covering because it's surface finish is great and therefore provide frictionless surface. It makes the movement of lizards on wall difficult and provide no interest to lizards to stay in your house.

    If you can't afford much then you have to rely on home remedies. There are many instant ready to use remedies available which can be used to get rid of lizards.

    You can use egg shells, coffee powder, garlic and pepper spray, onions etc. These all things are readily available just you have to place them at corners of room or place where lizards tries to stick periodically. They either afraid the lizards or create smells which can't be survived with.
    On using them you will notice the difference soon. So best of luck.

  • You may take up a few points for consideration for the control of insects-
    1) Take up the task of periodic cleaning of the roofs.
    2) Congestion of the room has to be avoided since that offers ample oppurtunities for the lizards to hibernate and their population may accelate.
    3) You may approach the specialists engaged in this profession to eliminate them by spraying pests.
    4) Holes, if any prevalent in the house has to be closed in order to prevent them from entering.
    5) Keep the kitchen tidy since the left over materials lying on the floors and cupboard would attract other insects to multiply and that offers the chance to Lizards for their growth.
    6)You may apply anti- insect spray available in the market. Alternatively, in the corners of the rooms, place a few buds of Garlic after crushing them or a few pieces of Onion - slices are to be placed in these areas. The pungent odour of these spices would control their growth.

  • Try to remove junk places (or old items bunch) within home if any.

    Try to mob floor often with phenyl, or floor cleaning with chemical like Dettol or Domex or Doctor brands.

    Try to use some Air Fresheners to get rid of various things including small insect beside odor around.

    Try to keep few egg (empty) shell on the shelf (some top area) and few corners of the house to get rid of lizards from home.

  • For the same query I have answered previously. To get rid of lizards you must clean the house. Lizards usually come to eat small insects which are accumulated in old stuff that are there in our terrace gardens or slab's. Dispose off all the unwanted unused stuff at home. Keep the house clean so that if the house is clean from old stuff lizards go away automatically. Some tips to get rid,
    1) check out from where lizards are entering the house, close that place tightly.
    2) Apply any toothpaste in small cotton ball and place it where you find lizards moving.
    3) Apply nilgiri oil in a small cotton ball and place where you find lizards.
    Don't ever buy lizard repellent which is available in the market. It won't work.

  • Firstly I want to tell you that lizards some what helps you, but more lizards are not helpful. Dispose off all the unwanted unused stuff at home. Keep the house clean so that if the house is clean from old stuff lizards go away automatically.But they also attracted by light due to insects.
    Use dim lights in your house .
    put nets around windows and put net containing door which are available in market.

  • Lizards are a serious problem in India and getting rid of them is the toughest thing. You can try any of the following steps and it will help you to reduce the number of lizards. Please do not expect an immediate change, the change will be gradual.

    1. Keep your house clean and tidy, especially the nook and corners. Get rid of spider webs and other insects, as lizards feed on these insects. Use lotions with strong odour to clean the house.
    2. It is better to have air tight cupboards especially in kitchen so that the lizards won't go inside. The sight of it stick on to the jars in the cupboard is horrible.
    3. Place egg shells on every possible place as lizards normally do not come near egg shells.
    4. Use insect sprays like Hit, Pif Paf etc. These does work. At least the insects and spiders will be killed and lizards will be left with nothing to eat.
    5. Electrical insects repellents are also available in the market but I do not know how far it works as I have never tried it.
    6. There is a pest control technique now available, where in a chemical is put during the foundation stage of a house and thus prevents the house from getting pests. I think similar type pest control measures can be applied to a certain extent even in already built ones. The pest control team will dig a small hole and put in the chemical so that the area will be free from pests. But I am worried about the health concerns it might cause.

    Try not to use any measures that will end up killing the lizard, as the smell when it decays is horrible. If you are unable to spot the dead one, then the full area will have a really bad smell.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

  • To get rid of lizards at home is a difficult task. The food of lizards are insects which are nearby the tube lights and lamps. The menace of lizards becomes a problem in monsoon.

    To get rid of lizards, one should use onion paste, naphthalene balls, pepper spray or garlic.

    The rooms and home corners should be cleaned. Always keep food items covered or shut during the day and night time.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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