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    Query about USB is not working properly

    Having a problem detecting USB? Searching for a solution to resolve the issue online? Here, on this page you can check out solutions to resolve your problem.

    Here is my problem: when I insert my USB on to my laptop
    the system detects it but when I open the USB it shows that the file is empty. But when I open the properties I can see the used storage space.
    Today morning I copied the setup package of adobe flash from another computer to my USB. I think that the computer contained some sort of virus. How to get back my files if it is affected with virus? What to do if it is not affected by virus?
    When I scan my USB my system it shows that the USB is working properly. Then what is wrong with it?
    Can you provide a solution?
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  • When you open the USB and if it does not show the content then open it through alternative file explorer such as XYPlorer. And File commander. These file managers are known to detect if things are hidden or not accessible normally. Considering this is most likely USB copy protect virus issue where things get hidden. You may have to run the anti virus and check this. Also take backup of this USB and go through it's antivirus cleanup options. If this doesn't work out then find the USB cleanup tools from antivirus sites. They should cleanup the drive so that any issue with the bootup and read problem may not come into play. This is kind of complicated issue so no specific solution for this.

  • This is a common problem occurring but solution to it vary from computer to computer.

    What I suggest is that you first check the USB status by connecting it to another laptop or personal computer. If it works there! then your laptop has an issue otherwise your USB must be troubleshooted.

    There may be question arising that your laptop has been infected by a virus. If it is true then you have to install a good quality certified antivirus software. If you go for free version of antivirus software available online then you may be at risk because the free ones just show that they are scanning your computer but can't remove the virus. It sometimes show that varieties of viruses has been detected but they are actually the ordinary one which doesn't affect your computer drastically. But the dangerous viruses remain hidden and to locate them a powerful antivirus software is needed. You can go for NPAV which is Indian antivirus and is equipped with lots of features.

    Nevertheless after installing the antivirus software you just have to scan the laptop and if viruses are present then it is deadsure that your problem was that virus. Remove the virus both from your laptop and USB and see whats the result.

    If problem persists then you can download USB recovery software with the help of which data lost can be recovered. These software only works when your USB is detected and as you said that it's showing but still empty then this software can help you to cope up with your problem.

    If this method also fails then just replace your USB if it is under gaurentee or warranty.

    There are other methods too i.e. using command prompt or disk management but you need some skill to go ahead with it. I recommend you to call a technician as he can tell you whether it can troubleshooted or not.

  • Here is few things you can do
    1. Take USB to your friend who should have latest antivirus updated and scan your USB. If should fix issues of virus if any. If it detects virus then there are high chances of file corruption. You might have to copy contains again. But before that make sure to scan your hard drive or install latest antivirus updates.
    2. If there is no virus issue then just enable show hidden files and folders option and see if that helps. Sometimes if we make file property hidden then it becomes invisible in drives.
    3. Since you are able to detect USB drive there is no issue with hardware, it could be issue with USB. Format USB once and see how much space it clears. If still it has some place occupied then it definitely USB is corrupted. It will be risky to store any more data in it.

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  • This is a typical issue happening from PC to PC.
    Check the USB status by associating it to another portable PC or PC. On the off chance that it works there! at that point your portable PC has an issue generally your USB must be investigated.In the event that issue continues then you can download USB recuperation programming with the assistance of which information lost can be recouped.
    These product just works when your USB is identified and as you said that it's appearing yet at the same time purge then this product can help you to adapt up to your issue.
    Also try different USB ports and use trial and error method on different applications.

  • First thing in diagnosing such problems is exclusion. To find out whether USB is infected or the laptop is having some problem. If you have another USB try to read it. If it is OK, the laptop is working properly. After this you can get the USB checked either in some other computer or if required format it. Now a days there are some peculiar viruses which create such type of problems. It is better to install a good anti virus in the laptop and always scan the USB before using. Please remember that in computer world prevention is better than cure.

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  • This is a common problem faced by many people. When you connect the USB it shows that the storage is empty but in properties it shows you the actual size.

    There may be several reasons for this cause. The problems may be as follows:

    1. Your PC or laptop may have some virus due to which it cannot show the content in it.
    2. Your USB must have been affected with some kind of virus earlier.

    The following things can be done to solve your problem:

    1. First of all connect your USB to some other laptop or PC to check whether it works on that or not. Most probably it will work as the problem might be with your PC's security. Make sure that the PC to which you connect USB must have a genuine antivirus. If your USB does not work on that too, there must be a problem with USB.
    2. Buy a genuine antivirus for your PC or laptop and install it. After that scan your system for viruses. And your USB too. If there are corrupted files in your PC then antivirus will delete those files and it will probably solve your purpose.
    3. Your USB might also have some corrupted files which will be removed after a scan.
    4. There is also command prompt method to resolve such issues, but most of the people do not know how to use that.
    5. If the above methods does not work and the data you have in your USB is not so important, you can go for a USB format.
    6. If the data is important, you should go to some repair centre or approach a technician for that.

  • This a very common problem with USB flash drive. Well, as per your description you had copied some files from another computer. This is a very common virus problem which hides all your data and makes pen drive empty drive when they are open from my computer. Generally, if are you are using Windows Defender or any other free version Antivirus, there are chances they might not found the virus. So these are the step to recover your data and get your pen drive working back.
    1. Scan your flash drive using paid version or full version of any good Antivirus like Guardian. See if this help you out, if not then follow next step.

    2. This is the most successful method in such type of virus attacks. Follow these steps carefully to get your pen drive back and this will work 100%.
    2.1. Insert your pen drive into your system and see if it detect it.
    2.2. If detected, open your pen drive and where it shows you "Empty Drive".
    2.3. Open command prompt here by holding the Shift key and right click and selecting open command prompt here from context menu opened.
    2.4. Or you can open a command prompt by pressing Windows key + x and then pressing A, if you are using Windows 8 or latest.
    2.5 After opening command prompt make sure you are under your drive letter as root letter. Like if your drive letter is F: then command prompt must show as F:\>. If this is not as described above type your drive letter followed by colon, like E: and hit enter.
    2.6. Type ATTRIB -s -h /s /d /l *.* and hit enter.
    2.7. And open your pen drive on my computer. Whoaa !!! all files come back on the drive.

    Let me know if this method works for you and do not hesitate to ask any help further.

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  • Hi Dear ,
    This is common problem with USB . There are plenty of solutions available on online website's.According to me there may be some hidden folders are there in your USB or Junk files left in your USB. Junk's temporary files such as cache; residual files, temporary files, etc. are created by running programs or during installation of operating system on USB . Some steps are listed below . You can try any of them .

    • Format : Try to format your USB , most of cases it works . If it is still not resolving your problem then go for next step.

    • Check For Virus : Try to scan you USB for Virus affection by scanning with powerful antivirus tool like 360 SECURITY , AVAST, NPAV etc.

    NOTE : You can try watching videos on youtube for solution.

    That's it.

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