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    Changed of DOB in my documents

    Wants to know the procedure for changing the DOB in all the certificates, let's see what our ISC experts suggest as to how to proceed.

    How can I change my DOB in all my documents like class X,XII and Degree certificates during my period of study from 1993 to 1996/97. How can I approach to this matter, whether I should go to the court or I should I go to the board or council to Change it? Is there any possibility that I can change it?
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  • You can't ask the board to change the date of birth without showing a proper proof. Only way is you have to file a case against your father in the court saying that he has recorded your date of birth wrongly. As a proof you have to show your birth certificate given by the concerned authorities. If your birth is registered with the authorities they will have a record of your birth date. That you have to produce before court as a proof for your case. Better take the help of a lawyer for doing the needful.

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  • From your question it is not clear what is your correct DOB and what proof you have for it.
    If you have a birth certificate to validate your claim you will have to take help of a lawyer to sort out the issue from court.
    In case the board authorities get convinced with your birth certificate and affidavit by you on a stamp paper duly certified by a notary or magistrate then they can also issue the corrected certificates.
    In your affidavit you have to clearly mention all the facts and circumstances of your age reported wrongly in school as well as the statement that you have not misused this wrong age in your certificates for applying anywhere.
    I think you also take help of some experienced lawyer in preparing the affidavit.

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  • I think this also like previous query depends on the birth certificate. In your birth certificate how it is mentioned like that only it continues. Suppose if it is mentioned with your correct Date of birth then it is very easy to get changed in all your documents. Just give a xerox copy of your birth certificate to all the center's where you want to get it changed. Suppose in wrong DOB is mentioned in your birth certificate then it is very lengthy process to get changed. First you have to take a proof from the birth place that is hospital name of your birth and check that records of your birth then take a proof where your birth certificate was registered and then their process to get changed for the new DOB.

  • Nowadays it is very difficult to change the already registered Date of Birth. It can only be changed by furnishing birth certificate from a recognised and appropriate authority with different date of birth and thereafter giving an affidavit before a First class Magistrate. Even then, you will face lot of problem to get different Government authorities accept your revised Date of Birth.

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  • If you want to change your DOB in all the certificates to a DOB in your original certificate then I recommend you to approach all the authorities whose certificates you want to make change. But the problem is that this will be a very time consuming and hectic work.
    Though this change in all the certificates is possible but I still recommend you to find alternative to your problem. It is not necessary to show your DOB Certificate as DOB proof instead you can use your Aadhar card for birth proof.

    Depending on your need you can also make an affidavit stating the fault in your DOB with appropriate documents and proofs asked.

  • Date of birth once entered in your certificates serves as a permanent record and hence its modification may appear difficult. However, you may try the following tips for the rectification of the same.
    1) You may approach the Municipal office or Gram- sarpanch for the rectification of the mistake since these authorities keep a record of birth - time of each and every individuals of their areas.
    2) You may approach the First - class Magistrate or Rotary Magistrate of your area with all your relevant records for the correction of date of birth. To facilitate in the process, engage a lawyer on your behalf and get your date of birth amended. Once you get the corrected date, get the same published in a local newspaper apart from a leading English news paper for the wide publicity of the same.

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