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    Related to my surname spelling

    Does it make any difference if the surname is reflected with wrong spelling with the same pronunciation in Aadhar and other related documents? Check out here to know about it from our ISC experts.

    Actually my surname is 'DIXIT' and my whole family have this spelling in every government record but, I have my all educational records also Adhar card with surname 'DIKSHIT'. So my question is that, will it create any problems in government jobs or related exams?
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    Your question is not very clear but I am answering both the situations.

    1. Your family sirname is DIXIT but all your records including Aadhar card are having sirname as DIKSHIT.

    In this case there will not be any problem to you.

    2. All your records are having DIXIT but Aadhar card is having DIKSHIT.

    If that is your case read this -

    When it comes to documents, change is not acceptable.

    Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter card, Driving licence etc are the crucial documents and any change in name, surname etc etc is not acceptable. Please remember that these documents are asked for various activities and KYC formhalities time to time.

    It is advisable to correct them in time. So get your Aadhar card corrected.

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  • As far as your certificates are concerned they are all showing the same name. So there is no problem for you. But your next generation will also have the same spelling as you have. Is it ok for you. Otherwise you can file an affidavit in a court saying that DIXIT. and DIKSHIT are the same. For this you can approach any lawyer who will tell you how to word it correctly.and he will guide you.

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  • You don't need to worry. As the the education documents and Adhaar card have Dikshit (similar surname). But you have use this spelling everywhere. I am seeing at ISC You have use dixit so make a habit to use you surname as Dikshit instead of dixit. Or you have to correct spelling mistake in all the documents including Adhaar Card.

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  • I think aadhar card corrections can be done lot quicker. You can find that aadhar card name and surnames are being copied on many things. So make sure to get it corrected. This way you don't face any issues with the job and background verification. This means you have to approach the nearest grahak seva kendra and then get things properly sorted. Once you do that then any future name verification will be updated with aadhars data and will automatically rectify to new name change.

  • Actually the surname should be corrected at the beginning it self that is birth certificate. All your name and surname depends on that only. Since you have continued with the same till now, you will not face any problem because your entire certificate's is having the same surname. Suppose if your willing to change then you have to change all your certificate right from the beginning which is a very tedious work. So my advice is continue with your current surname.

  • The most easiest way to solve your problem is by making an affidavit stating that both the surnames belong to you. But I suggest you to make correction in aadhar card as it has become a very important ID in India and is used for many purpose.
    But I do not think that you have any requirement of changing your surname as you have lived your life with the one you are used to. Only making an affidavit would work fine. Even the above suggestion of correction in Aadhar card can be ignored.

  • Please understand that uniformity is the issue. If your surname is indicated as 'Dixit' in every document (Xth admit card/certificate/marksheet, XIIth admit card/certificate/marksheet, PAN card, AADHAR card/ Passport, etc.), you won't have any problem in future. You will have to write your surname as 'Dixit' in future. But if there is no uniformity (in some documents, you have written 'Dixit' and in other documents'Dikshit'), then you will have to sign an affidavit stating that 'Dixit' and 'Dikshit' are same. You have to publish similar advertisements in one English and one vernacular newspaper also.

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  • Hi,
    As per your question all your certificates and Adhaar card has the spelling "DIKSHIT". It is ok and there is no problem with it. Now the problem is that your family members are using a different spelling. It can create a legal problem in upcoming future as you have to prove that you are from the same family and you are carrying the same surname. So for keeping yourself safe just do an court affidavit by clearing that "DIKSHIT" and "DIXIT" are same and specifying your name give a declaration that both of them are same person.

  • Firstly, make sure that both your Aadhaar and educational certificates like 10th classs marksheet match with the same surname, otherwise there is a problem. You can correct your aadhar very easily, just by applying on the portal, but changing name on educational documents is very hectic. As long as, these are same it's okay, family surname is not a problem.

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