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    Need some insights about my caste's category

    Confused of registering about the category under General/Reserved while applying for Competitive examination conducted by SSC. Get it clarified from our experts and check out this page for more information.

    My caste is 'lingayat Veerashaiv' which comes under OBC category in Karnataka. But when I checked central OBC lists I could not find this caste under OBC. I have applied as OBC for my whole life and I have never faced any problem and my latest caste certificate also says that I belong to OBC. Is there any way to know for sure if I belong to OBC OR General? As I've already Registered/Applied for SSC and they won't allow me to change it now.. and this recent news for me is shocking and I can't really focus on preparing for my exams. Please do help.
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  • What I suggest that you approach your religious head , that means either secretary or chairman of Lingayat Veerashaiv community and obtain a certificate on your name to that effect and also approach the MRO office to issue a latest certificate. That will clear the doubt whether you caste is in OBC or General list.

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  • Thanks for the reply @k Mohan sir.
    For this very purpose, i got the latest caste certificate dated 1/6/2017, my only concern was that people told me unless the caste is displayed on the central list you're not eligible for OBC reservations.

  • You should have a caste/community certificate issued by your Taluk office. The office issues the certificate after verifying the central list of caste/community. Lingayat is a great community and should have been listed. The sub sect Veerashaiv may not be there. Just check it out. Also check for its availability in forward class (FC)or back ward class (BC)

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  • Yes, your concern is very genuine. You can verify from the list available in the Tahasildar's office where there would be two lists available with them. One is an OBC list as notified by the Central Government and the second one relates the list of Backward Class communities categorized as BC A, B, C,D & E as notified by the respective State Governments. There would be some common categories of communities belonging to Backward Class in both the Central and State lists while certain communities are only recognized by the State governments while they won't figure in the Central list. It seems the community you mentioned could have been recognized by the Karnataka state government while the centre has yet to approve it. As such you won't get the benefit of OBC in the SSC recruitment examination and would be treated on par with the General/Forward class candidates.


  • If you live in Karnataka, if your caste has been declared as OBC in that State and if you have obtained genuine certificate which declares you as OBC, you can fill up the form of SSC as OBC.

    In this connection, I would like to clarify that every person must remember that the list of OBC varies from State to State (unlike the list of SCs and STs). So, the list of the State where you live will be taken into account.

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  • Thank you all for the responses @Sun, @Jagdish Patra and @Partha Kansabanik.
    I would like to clarify my last doubt regarding this that is, will my application be considered as General (give that I belong to OBC in my state and I have a legitimate caste certificate from the Taluk office stating so?) even though I filled my form as OBC?
    ( I know and I apologize in advance that this should be clarified from the SSC officials but I've been in contact with and I have heard nothing expect them saying that they are not able to do anything with regards to helping me edit my application form or helping me solve this in any other way)

    Thanks a ton guys, for real every reply has answered so my doubts and questions and I had and I'm pretty sure this would also be helping a lot of them out there who are having/facing the same questions.

  • Yes your application will be considered under general category if your caste is not listed as OBC. You need not worry about that. As informed earlier the list of OBC will be different for each state. Your caste is declared as OBC in Karnataka, there you are eligible for OBC. In a state where your caste name is not mentioned in OBC you will be considered as General candidate

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  • Thank you very much @DR.N.V.Srinivasa Rao sir. Have a great weekend.

  • Mr. gagan (#143290): Although you are an OBC from Karnataka, you have indicated in the SSC application form that you are a General category candidate. This implies that you don't want to avail the reservation applicable for OBCs. So, in this particular examination, you will be treated as a General category candidate simply because you yourself have indicated this in the application form.

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  • @Partha Sir, I have mentioned myself as a candidate belonging to OBC category in the SSC application.

  • In that case, you will get the facility of reservation quota for OBCs in the examination.

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  • Thanks, sir.

    At this point, my only concern is even if they don't wanna give me OBC, I'm really okay with General.
    I just don't want my application to be rejected.

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