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    How can a Chronic ulcer with severe inflammation in the Colon be cured?

    Have a query about chronic colon ulcer? Searching for alternative remedies and diet plan online? Here, on this page you can check out advice from experts.

    My sister-in-law is suffering from an acute gastric problem and the Gastroenterologist suggested for a Colonoscopy test. She underwent the same and the test revealed certain blocks in the Transverse colon and Sigmoid colon and found some ulcers. The samples were taken out and the Biopsy report has confirmed no malignancy/dysplasia but identified as Chronic ulcer with severe inflammation and non specific granulation tissue.

    As of now nothing serious and the doctor prescribed medicines for 3 months. Any other suggestive mode from our experts for an early cure with a proper diet chart?
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  • First of all, it is good to know that there is no malignancy or dysplasia of the cells. And before we get into dietary and home remedies for a chronic ulcer, please advise your sister in law to keep on having the medicines and only to modify their dosage under the guidance of her physician.

    Now, understanding the terms Chronic ulcer, severe inflammation and nonspecific granulation tissue, will help us come to what sort of dietary and home remedies would become useful.

    1. Chronic Ulcer

    2. An ulcer is a disruption in the normal tissue wherein the lysosomal mechanism is triggered. Lysosomes are those parts of a cell which are programmed to kill the cell if such a need arises. This is a part of the body's immunity system. Thus if a cell is not "behaving" properly, then it is subjected to "healing" mechanisms. And if it does not get back to normal function, then the cell will be put to end as a bad or defective cell.

      This process is a part of the daily wear and tear of the body. This happens even when you are using your fingers to type on the keyboard of your computer! Cells that are put down, are recycled and the cell parts are reused accordingly. If not, then they are removed out of the body as metabolic waste.

      If this process is becoming repetitive and if the cells are not getting better, the number of cells being put down surmounts the cells being repaired and those being created newly. Due to this, the dead cells accumulated in the surrounding areas. They generally accumulate at the margins of the affected areas. Think of a volcano having hot and molten debris at its mouth. Such debris with the ill health cells, dying cells, healing cells the fighting immunity cells, together are called as Ulcer. Such an ulcer if present from a long time duration is called as a Chronic ulcer.

    3. Severe inflammation

    4. In the text above we read about debris with ill health cells, dying cells, healing cells, fighting immunity cells, which are together called as Ulcer. Such an ulcer or ulcers irritate the surrounding good cells. This irritation is because of the metabolic wastes, Exo- and Endo- toxins secreted by the ulcer. This leads to altered functioning of the surrounding good cells. There are higher chances that the good cells being irritated, can eventually become a part of the ulcer itself. But before such an end result arises, they get reddish, swell up, change in their functions, become painful and get heated up (classically called as Rubor, Tumor, Dolor and Calor). These changes are togetherly known as inflammation. Since the inflammation is for a long duration, it is further known as Severe inflammation.

    5. Non-specific granulation tissue

    6. Granulation tissue is good! It shows that the mechanisms of healing are still working. But they are being constantly battered by the troubling agents and leading to being a Non-specific type. As an example, think of paper being sent to the money printing factory. The paper does not know whether they are going to be printed as a 100 Rs note or a 2000 Rs note. :)

    Thus to summarise her colon is having a mix of debris with ill health cells, dying cells, healing cells, fighting immunity cells being seen in forms of they get reddish, swell up, change in their functions, become painful and being heated and beaten up and yet, showing signs of healing.

    The solutions

    Medicines will help reduce the irritants leading to all further stages of inflammation and non-healing status.
    If dietary habits and home remedies can help in assisting the medicines in their effects, then she will start to feel better even earlier.
    • Ask her to check her height in centimetres. Multiply it by 10. For example, if her height is 162, thus 162 x 10 = 1620.
      Her calorie intake should be limited to 1600 to 1800 calorie diet a day. Check this page: for some ideas about what should be her meal plans.
      Her fluid intake should be at least 1600 to 2000 ml per day. When we say fluids, it includes water, soups, tea, coffee, and any other fluids.

    • Ask her to eat from small dishes. A small dish is equivalent to one which fits exactly in her hand. And that will be the only serving she eats at a time.

    • Avoid Tea with milk. Tea is more beneficial when drunk as a concoction.

    • Focus more on herbal teas. Lemongrass, Chamomile are very helpful.

    • Avoid usage of Lemons. Lime are more beneficial.

    • Ask her to eat slowly. When she has a morsel, she should chew the same properly. If time is a constraint, then ask her to reduce the quantity of food she has at a time. But she should chew properly.

    • Inculcate habit of drinking a glass of 250 ml warm water sip by sip in the morning.

    • Walk 50 to 100 steps after every meal.

    • Inculcate habit of drinking 30 ml of Aloe vera juice with a pinch of turmeric with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 10 minutes before breakfast and 10 minutes before dinner. Aloe vera helps to nourish the good cells, loosen the unhealthy cells. Apple cider vinegar helps to gently scrape out the unhealthy cells and turmeric acts as a healing agent.

    Follow the above tips for a month and review with her physician to see how her ulcers are "behaving".

    Self-discipline brings success; but restraints too binding bring self-defeat.

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