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    What will be the future of upcoming IT Professionals?

    Worried about the future of IT professionals? Then checkout here from our ISC experts to know what to do.

    Day by day the IT sector is becoming worse and worse. Jobs are going away after Trump took over. Most of the work in IT sector is being automatized. Looking at the present scenario, what do you think will be the future of studies taking up career in IT. Should parents enroll their children in IT stream or should they look for other career options?
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  • It was the commitment of Mr, Trump to create the job opportunities for the aspirants of America and as such he took a stern step to curtail visas for the Indian - employees working in Indian IT company to check their influx in America through the Indian IT companies operating in their region. As a result, growth - prospects of Indian - youth in IT sector have retarded considerably. Moreover, there was a current of hatredness in the minds of some misguided American - people, who exploited the situation by creating terror and insecurity among the Indian - youths so that they are discouraged to make an entry in America.
    Now looking the present scenario, it appears that taking up computer stream in an Engineering college from the reputed one is not enough. What is important at this juncture is to grasp the entire modules being taught in the college - level so as to have independent thinking in these modules to evolve some useful applications in the IT field. Innovativeness will certainly pay them dividend and Employers would like to see these traits within the young mind - frame. Hence only the capable ones are to shine in this field.
    As for your last question, I would say the parents should not pressurise their children to opt for a certain stream, rather they should encourage their children to choose the areas of their own interest so that they can excel in the chosen field. In that way, the sense of satisfaction will prevail among them.

  • I think we can't blame trump for the fall of IT. India had it's good days and they didn't managed to put on a good system. And they didn't looked at the future properly. So that is what is making the IT professionals to worry about the future.

    1. Low cost IT labor is available from pakistan and bangladesh, so naturally India is not going to be the prime choice.
    2. Call center scams are at all time high in India. And govt be it congress and BJP didn't closed those call centers.
    3. Jobs which used to pay 1L or more are reducing due to automation.
    4. Reservation, gender and quota system is affecting the output of the industry.
    5. Low cost and free software solutions making it easy for the consumers to use the IT products reducing the need for the paid products.
    6. Trump doing the policies for the localite and which is reasonable even modi have started "make in india" so why blame trump for "made in usa" mindset?

    Change is permanent and trend is temporary. IT and data science had it's days of high salaries and lavish lifestyle.But now the days are changing and some other industries will thrive. That's how it works.

    People in IT should try to diversify their investment and skills sets. And get into other industries if they are affected. In future every IT professional should invest some time in other skills. This way any market change does not affect the person much.

  • The job situation in IT sector is affected to some extent due to change in US policies and the IT companies in India are taking a cautious approach in the changed scenario. It will take some time to understand the implications fully.

    Meanwhile the digital India campaign and aggressive role of Govt in adopting IT everywhere will definitely create a wave of fresh air for the IT professionals as well as those who are completing their courses.

    Presently we are seeing a type of stagnation or job saturation in IT sector but soon situation will smoothen out once new projects start taking shapes.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The present situation in IT industry will be temporary only. If US people are able to do all the works that are being done bu Indians the we may have to think. But one US man can do 1/4 work of an Indian doing. Then companies have to engage more manpower. This fact will come out not immediately but in another 2 years are so. Then again they have to look at India only. So I don't foresee any problem. Under make in India, some new companies may come and start their works in India and job potential will always improve.

    But it is always better to do a core subject which are ever green always. Now many manufacturing industries are coming. They require many mechanical, civil and electrical engineers. Nowadays payments in manufacturing industries also are good. Coming years for Indian youth only.

    always confident

  • It's true that people working in IT are petrified about losing their jobs in the coming future. While jobs in the service based company are getting in-secured day by day, jobs in product based company still remain secure.

    I can say this as I have worked in both product based and service based company. While I was in the service based company a time came when they started firing their employee in the name of layoff. During those days every day, I stepped out of my home thinking that it was my last day. But somehow I survived that and that's when I decided that I am not going to live in this fear of losing my job at any moment I took a step ahead of upgrading my skills and started looking for a new job in a product based company.

    Now I am TEFL certified and working in a product based company. I have also started investing in other areas so that my future remains secure and I don't get the jerk of my life.

    While yes the job remains insecure in IT, it's still a lucrative field. While engineering, medical and IT are the known career option to the majority, there are many other jobs as well, that pays very well while enjoying your work. So they need to explore the career option and not just stick to engineering medical and IT. I chose Bachelor's of Computer Science when everyone ran behind medical and engineering. People thought that it was a wrong choice but I still don't regret my choice because I chose this field and my parents did not enforce their choice on me.

  • The future for IT and IT professionals are going to be good only.
    Of course, as the technical expression used for market' corrections' will happen. IT is a very dynamic field . I is subject to frequent changes and fast obsolescence. So the skill level has to be updated at a very high pace.

    As IT was sunshine industry for about three decades, people swelled into it. Even IT companies also did not care and recruited en masse, whether they were essential or not. So much so that now the sector has become a bit flat. There can be some short term staff reductions also. Even otherwise the attrition rate was very high in IT sector.

    We need no blame Trump alone. Even before Trump, we have Thackeray s and similar others who cry for 'son-of-the soil' theory for jobs and want(ed) other state people to go out. Such feelings and irritants are to be expected in much more quantum and ferocity in future.
    It is for us to search for new avenues and be self sufficient in our own country. The 'Make in India' is one initial step in that direction. Youth also should restrain their urge to study abroad and work abroad. The govt should encourage new entrepreneurs and employment givers.

  • Hi,
    I myself am a software engineer and would like to clarify a point which most of us have.
    • Automation leads to job reduction: - I strongly don't support this point. One who is automating is an IT professional. When it would be automated there will definitely glitches and that maintenance would also be done by an IT professional. After maintenance the current system would become obsolete and that would also be done by an IT Professional.
    I would just like to say one point that in the coming years we would have two kinds of people one who would get eliminated due to automation and the other who would automate.

    So in a nutshell the crux of the story is in IT you need to be updated. If you are updated with new technology and trend no one can shunt you out of his company.You will have a high demand if you know the niche technologies.

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