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    CBSE marksheet of class 10 correction but confusion occurs what should I do?

    Worried about minor difference in the surname in the X and XII marks sheets in CBSE pattern. Go through the suggestions given by our experts here.

    I have done 12th in session 2016-17 and 10th in 2014-15 , In my 10th class mark sheet my father's title name is CHOUDHARY but in 12th its CHAUDHARY, 12TH class mark sheet is correct now CBSE does not allowing correction because it's too late according to new CBSE guidelines so what should I do now because college admissions are started which name should I prefer in college and does it occur problem in Govt job in future.
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  • From your question it is gathered that your father's correct sirname is chaudhary and your XII marksheet is OK.

    It means your father's sirname is incorrect in X marksheet.

    Now if it is so you go ahead with your XII marksheet and mention your father's sirname in all future forms as per it.

    There still remains an issue of correction required in X marksheet and if it is desired by any authority in future you will have to request your board for the same for which certain procedure of filling an legal affidavit etc is required. After submission of the affidavit and some other supporting document like your father's PAN card or voter card or driving license where his correct sirname is reflected, the board will issue corrected marksheet of class X.

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  • You can continue your father's name as in 12th certificate. Everywhere you mention the same spelling only. What you do is contact a lawyer in your area and make an affidavit in the court and sign before the judge. In that you have to clearly mention the name of your father as written in your 12th certificate and say that is the correct spelling. In making this document you should take the help of the lawyer for correctness. Go ahead and all the best to you.

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  • Yes you have change your father's name. You have keep your father's name same in all certificate's especially in 10th and 12th certificate's because these will be asked as id proof instead of birth certificate. So you have correct it either of the one. Suppose if CBSE board is not allowing then try to change in SSLC marks card. But before that check out the correct spelling of your father's name ad then correct the wrong one. Right now you can continue after some time you can write a letter to the board regarding changing you father's name and get it corrected.

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