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    What should I do if I receive the message like "your request is approved for changing the password?

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    Without sending a request for changing the password I receive the email for password recovery then what I should do to overcome this problem. Please tell me some suggestions about the problem and I can get the solution.
    If I can change the password what should happen again. What remedy I should take to solve the problem is that necessary to change the password at this time?
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  • What I feel that it is a fake e mail received by you and that should be ignored. From your submission it is clear that you have not requested for any pass word recovery and needing a change of it. So ignore the mail and be quiet.

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  • A Gmail account are being hacked and it's annoying to receive that kind of weird emails. Somebody must have tried to access your account.

    Be it Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, one should always set a Two-steps authentication option to lock out the spammers.

    Sign in to your preferred account, under the settings, navigate to Two-steps authentication and add your mobile number and recovery alternative email ID.

    If Two-steps verifications are set successfully, whenever you singning in from unknown device or computers, you will be asked to enter the mobile number along with alternative email ID along with the one time password sent to your number and email to login and access your account.

    This is the best option to keep the spammers out and secure your account.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • Receiving such e-mail when you have not changed your password implies that your account has been hacked. So, if possible, delete/shift all important e-mails which you have received/sent from that account. At the same time, intimate Google about receiving such messages. You may also intimate the regular e-mail senders not to send e-mail to that account. Stop all activities from that account.

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  • That may be a trap to lead you to divulge your password .Please do not fall into the trap. I trust you had an updated anti-virus or internet security software in place. Please run a thorough scan of your computer.
    Update your browser also.
    Open the email again . If the problem is not recurring then that is okay. If it still persists, then send intimation of this problem to the email service provider by other means(other than this email ID) and from other devices. At any cost do not change password or reply or respond to the suspect notification. Keep copy(preferably printout) of important and essential mails. Delete all other unwanted and non-essential mails. Open an alternate email account from another device.

  • You should ignore the mail. Sometime our accounts will be tried to open by some people . But they may not be successful. In such case you will receive a mail saying that somebody tried to open and hence we suggest you to change your password. You respect these mails but not the mails where you are getting links for changing the passwords.

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  • In your query you have not mentioned in which account your getting that message. Suppose if you have changed the password it is possible that some other person must have hacked you password and changed. So please login to that account and change you password immediately to maintain you privacy. Please include numeric, symbols and caps in your password. Its better you don't leak your password to any other person. To give you more details about this please mention clearly in which account your getting that message. Then we can guide you correctly.

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