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    Which is better: laptop or laptab

    Confused of choosing between a Laptop and Laptab? Check out here to know the difference and which is better from our experts.

    I want to purchase a laptop or laptab for my home. I am confused what to purchase a laptop or a laptab. I have some office to do with laptop or laptab. I have a low budget.
    members please help me by providing information which is better to purchase and also prizes for online purchasing.
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  • As the technology is growing, there is compulsion on the part of every one to change their preferences too. Gone are the days when we are heavily depended on desk top, then came the lap top and and now lap tab. Though some are very confident and comfortable with smart phone too, nothing can compare with desk top and lap top. I feel those who are habituated with desk top and lap top, they may not get used to or acquainted with lap tab as it would be small and operating the tab would be inconvenient. So it all depends on how the user get into technology friendly grove.

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  • Laptab are very delicate. if they have the on screen capacitive touchscreen it can be even more sensitive. And you can see that some of the time it's not easy to manage the repairs. In case of regular laptop, you'd find that they last longer than laptab. As laptab are only good as long as the touch screen, other wise you have to use them as regular laptop with external keyboard and mouse. Which is possible to use. As for laptop, you can find that that some laptops have the good ergonomics and often laptab may not be a good fit. Because in case of the laptab you have to use external keyboard. And this means some of the time you may not be doing good with that keyboard.I think laptab being more expensive it is often not worth it to buy.

    It all comes down to preference too. You can buy expensive laptab if that serves your needs. Some features and long term usage may not apply to it but compared to laptop laptab has it's many good features.

  • I feel more convenient with laptop. I have been using a laptop from almost 15 years. I have used different versions of laptops. But still my preference goes to s desk top as I am very conversant with that. A big screen with a mouse and separate keyboard. As mentioned it is individuals convenient and prerogative. Another aspect to be looked after is the cost. Almost all these will serve our purpose So decide on you preference.

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  • There is no much difference in laptab and laptop. First you mention what are specifications that you need in your system then according to that we can guide you correctly. But as your query is general Ii will give you general information about few best laptop
    1) HP Notebook - 15-ay525tu
    (HP Part Code: Z6Y44PA)
    Intel® Pentium® N3710 ProcessorWindows 10 Home4GB DDR3 RAM / 500GB HDD15.6" HD displayIntel® HD Graphics 405 Rs 27,000
    2) HP Notebook - 15-ay542tu
    (HP Part Code: 1AC81PA)
    Intel® Core™ i3-6006U ProcessorFreeDOS 2.04GB DDR4 RAM / 1TB HDD39.6 cm (15.6) HD displayIntel® HD Graphics 520 Rs 31,000
    These are common specifications where most we have look at the time of laptop purchase. If you want in detail then post another query with you requirements.

  • The selection choice depends on factors like what you need it for, what are the functions you want to do with that, how much you want to spend for that, which one you feel comfortable and convenient carry around.
    If your work is t be done in the office or home then you need to take a laptop, or even a desktop. If you have more activity that needs a mobile or tablet and less of those typing, editing, printing and mailing works, then you need a laptab. However if you need some heavy jobs and also want to store a lot of files and retrieve them frequently, modify and edit them again for further uses, then a laptop is convenient.
    If you r activity involves more of whatsapp,fb and other social media ,surfing net and telephone calls and occasional office work like letters, emails then laptab is optimum.
    There are quite affordable laptabs now with the best combinations of tablets and PCs like office suites and other software applications. There are convertibles and detachable. Firms like proprietary firm without employees ad self employed people can use them. Some of them come with sufficient storage space also. Otherwise also you can have an external storage also.
    There are also touch screen laptops with android and/or windows OS .
    However a word of caution here. I have used a touchscren laptop. The touch screen got problem. Even though I consulted a many laptopservice centres none could repair that. I approached the manufacturer and his authorised service centre. They dilly dallied an after some time quoted a price almost 75% of the original laptop price for a replacement touch screen display.(For the same amount I can get a good new laptop without touch) Though I asked for replacement without touch, they said it was not possible.

    So what I suggest is if you have a good smartphone with all important functionalities , it is better you go for an affordable laptop without touch, but with good storage space and latest OS.

    However if you decide to go for a laptab ,now go for one with 4G facility also.

  • I think its depends upon the use of the device. If you're a students and want to use laptop or computer just for little bit work and most time spend on watch movies, songs and playing etc. then i think they don't move for laptab. However, I actually need edubirdie price but according to me laptop is good for normal users and for person who are working in Technology related field then good for his to use laptab.

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