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    How to remove a google account synced in multi handsets, to remove from only one handset

    Do you want to know how to remove the syncrhronised google account from your mobile? Check here for solution from our experts.

    What I am asking is a real practical doubt and problem.
    One person is using three different handsets. One same google account is synced in all the three. Now the person wants to give one of the handsets to another person for use. However he does not want that person to use the synced account.

    How to remove the synced google account from that particular handset only?

    There are no paid apps in that handset. The free apps and other files stored in the phone can be used by the new user.
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  • Google Device Manager
    With Google device manager, one can erase, lock, find and ring the device.

    1. Head over to

    2. Here, you'll see the list of devices singed in using that google ID or email.

    3. Select the device you want to log out and erase the data.

    4. Wait for the server to contact the device.

    5. Click erase to log out.

    6. Click lock to lock the device.

    7. Click Ring to ring the device.

    8. You're done...

    Please, use it with caution.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • If you want to remove your google or gmail account from the handset that your using. There are few steps you have to follow.
    1) In your hand set where you want to delete the account in that handset go to settings -> account->google-> select the gmail account you want to delete and then delete the account from your handset.
    This the way to delete gmail from your android handset. Then if you want you can un - install the google app. or keep it as it is.
    To un install you have to go to settings-> apps-> select the google app and then un install.

  • The best way is to change the password of your google account. If its synced with another devices then it will ask for an option to logout of all the other devices. when another devices try to sync with your gmail id, it says an error and user has to make a new gmail account. Another way is to delete the account by go to the setting menu of your device then go to account section. Under account section tap on the google account you want to remove. Now tap on menu icon then reomve option will be shown. Tap on remove account and you are done.

  • Hi,
    First go to the settings menu of your phone. then go the account section and then select the account you want to remove i.e. then remove the google account.
    The second method is to simply change your existing password for google account. then when any body want to access the account from the phone it will ask for new password.

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