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    How to resolve computer start up problem

    Is the computer taking too long to boot up and same message of repair appearing each time? Understand from experts what could be the underlying cause & how to resolve the problem.

    Since yesterday morning my computer is not switching on. It is asking for start up repair and every time it takes more than one hour and the problem persists every time I switch it on. What could be the problem? Shall I presume that the Windows has crashed and needs to load new software for that? If I install a new version of windows, will I lose all the data and information stored in the computer so far? I am not a computer expert, so please guide me urgently what to do.
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  • Its all happening because of virus, install any good antivirus ,update it and run a full system scan timely. Do not install lots of applications or any documents to desktop of your computer because it effects computer performance so moves the files to my documents folder or bettar still a dedicated hard disk. Go to Run by pressing Win+R shortcut key then type msconfig and press enter. Startup window appears on the desktop screen. In that window, at startup tab, uncheck all items that are not needed at the startup. This will decrease the bootup time. Yes, your computer needs a software called CCleaner which will scan, clean and fix all the registery, applications, internet cokkies, internet caches of your computer. After that Reboot your PC then see it works or not if the problem still persists than you have to install new version of windows or another operating system for your computer. If you install new version of windows or another OS only multimedia files such as JPG, Audio, Video.., etc. will stored in your hard disk but extension files and installed applications are permanently deleted from your PC.

  • One method which is used by repair professionals in such cases is given below. If you have difficulty in following the steps you can take help of some computer repair fellow also.
    1. Just after making the computer on if you press F8 key you will get a 'boot menu' or 'advanced options menu'. If you get 'boot menu' press ESC and again press F8 till you get 'advanced options menu'.
    2. Select 'safe mode' and enter.
    3. Click on 'start' and type 'msconfig' and enter.
    You will see on the screen 'system configuration utility'.
    4. Click on 'start up' and then click on 'disable all'.
    5. Click on 'services' and then click on 'hide all microsoft services' and then click on 'disable all' and then click on 'OK' .
    6. Now restart the PC
    When PC starts then follow step 3 above for restoring by clicking on 'start' and enabling all services.

    There could be various reasons for a PC not starting. If it is a virus problem above method will not work. In that case it is to be booted with a boot CD or repair CD or reformatting may be required.

    Once repaired it is advisable to install a good antivirus program to safeguard against these problems.

    If problem is due to some hardware malfunction then it can only be repaired at repair shop.

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  • I was told by the computer mechanic that OS has crashed and new program has to be installed. But I was working yesterday morning and how come the computer go out of order within 10 minutes break ?

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  • OS crash usually results in number of errors and those errors tell you how to solve the problem. If you tried to boot up your machine and it didn't show up on the screen with anything then these could be the following issues.

    1. Motherboard issue.
    2. RAM issue.
    3. Display issue.

    So you may have to check the new service center where you can diagnose one of the above mentioned issues. If the OS crash issue exists and if confirmed then all you have to do is use Windows recovery disk and repair the installation. That way this problem can be recovered in few minutes. Often these hardware professionals don't tell you the reality of the problem as they want to take out the commission for the work. So they may add anything random stuff.

  • The computer crashes and redirect the user or operator to system repair mode to save the existing data and files stored in the computer Hard disk drive from being getting damaged or corrupt.

    1. Restore point: As a Geek, it is always a wise idea to create a restore point and make a system recovery image back up in your pen drive. If you haven't, please save backup a copy of system image recovery backup in your pendrive. You can restore it.

    2. A Windows disc OS: Insert your Windows OS in your CD-ROM and restart the computer.

    You are directed to choose one options to boot. First, the corrupt hard disk. Second, the windows disk. Choose the Win disk and the computer will automatically boot or restart again. Please note that when you boot your PC, you have to continuously press the ESC key to enter the boot selection menu.

    Once you press the ESC key, and choose the Disk option, the PC will reboot itself. You will be automatically directed to repair mode. Wait until the repair completes. It usually takes 30 minutes to 40 minutes. Be patient.

    If the windows is able to repair the corrupted files by replacing new from the disk, you windows will boot normally. And if it fails, you will be asked to reinstall the OS. Install the OS, and make sure you have enough backup power because if the installation fails or your PC run out of power during this process, your HDD will crash and you will have to replace it.

    Your existing files in the hard disk will not get lost if you haven't saved it in C:/ drive that contains your OS DAT files. Ensure that you have saved them in another drive location.

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