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    What is the difference between stones in Gall Bladder and Kidney? How are they cured?

    Have a query about stones in gall bladder and kidney? Looking out for details? Experts shall provide you with relevant answers on this page.

    I am very often confused about kidney stones and stones in Gall bladder. How are they different from each other? Can they be cured with home remedies?
    People say that the intake of water at regular intervals may get the stones released from the body in case of kidney stones but stones in Gall bladder need to be removed based on their size. Is it so?
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  • It is true. There are many home remedies for removing stones from Kidneys. Taking more water is one of the remedies. There are very good medicines in Homeopathy for removing stones from Kidney as well as Gallbladder.
    Both places stones can be released with allopathic medicines also. But if the sizes are big it may be difficult to cure with medicines. Laparoscopy has to be conducted.

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  • In human body liver produces bile and gall bladder stores it and supplies to alimentary canal for digestion. Sometime cholesterol or body pigments are deposited in it in form of pebble like crystals in varying sizes and are commonly known as gallbladder stones.

    On the other hand kidney works as the filter of blood and sometimes calcium, uric acid and oxalate minerals form crystalline solids inside it which are termed as kidney stones.
    Taking sufficient liquids and water helps in kidney stones and generally they will pass in urine. If they are bigger and obstruct then they are to be broken with medical procedure known as lithotripsy in which they are broken in small parts and pass away in urine.

    Gall bladder stones can be removed with laproscopic surgery but the most common way of treating gallbladder stones is removal of gall bladder itself as body can manage without it.

    It is claimed that apple juice, pear juice, milk thristle herb, lemon, dandellion herb, beetroot and carrot juice etc are beneficial in home treatment of gall bladder.

    For kidney stones some of the mostly advised home remedies are basil, lemon, dandellion herb, organic celery, magnesium supplement, kidney beans and pomegranate juice.

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  • I suffer from kidney stone myself and I have learned one thing. Once the kidney stones start forming there is no way you can get rid of them. You just try to avoid regular formation of them. And thats not something you can do all the time. As the kidney stone diet is very strict as strict as diabetes. And it can make you give up lot of things. So often many people dont' follow that and it may affect the health. And then once in a while stones are formed. Gall bladder stops your kidney stones from forming upto some extent after that it has formation around it. And kidney function is to pass the urine to the bladder. So both have different function yet both are going through the pain of the stone as it's connected.

    Here are some suggestions if you wish to avoid formation of the kidney stone.
    1. Drink lot of water (even coconut water helps, watermelon juice etc)
    2. Avoid beer as it makes it harder for gall bladder to dissolve the stone.
    3. Avoid coffee, tea and other such drinks.
    4. Avoid aginomoto in the food. Most of the Chinese food has it be it veg or non veg.
    5. Avoid meat - be it beef, bacon or lamb meat. You can eat moderate chicken but even fish would not be good.
    6. Make sure to avoid other food items based on the type of stone.

    Try to get over the sedentary lifestyle and do some exercise. As weight gain is also known to have issue that leads to the kidney stone.

  • Let me tell the function of kidney, kidney is to filter blood, which then creates urine. Gallbladder is used to store bile produced by the liver, which aids in the digestion and absorption of fats. Both of them can produce a stone. Kidney stone is a solid mass and is of tiny crystals from the minerals calcium, oxalate and uric acid. Gallstones are hard, pebble-like cholesterol or pigment deposits that form inside the gallbladder.
    Now how they are cured. Some of the home remedies
    1) Drink ample of water especially early morning in an empty stomach.
    2) Mix Lemon juice and olive oil with one glass of water. Consume it for 3 - 4 times a day.
    3)Eat pomegranate or juice of pomegranate.
    4) Water melon is also good for curing kidney stones.
    Actually fruits that have lot of fluid part i,e water part in it is very good for curing kidney stones.

  • Function of two organs i.e, Kidney and Gall bladder are totally different and so is their treatment and types .
    Kidney basically filters blood and all other impurities and thus removal of these impurities through urination, whereas Gall bladder secretes various bile and juices which makes digestion of food easier.
    Types of stones-
    In Kidney calcium, uric acid and oxalate minerals form crystalline solids inside it which are termed as kidney stones, whereas in Gall bladder stones are pebble-like cholesterol or pigment deposits that form inside the gallbladder.
    Kidney stones can be removed with various methods, and surgery is not always required as kidney stones can be cured with the medicines and proper treatment by making them soluble and pass through urine, but in case of gallstones surgery becomes necessity one's pain starts to increase and in most cases removal of bladder is the only option, but it doesn't have any big effects on functioning of body.

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  • About your question ,it is not exactly the stones but they are crystalline structures of an salts which are formed in our body(*not the salts taken into our body by ourselves) due to many reasons.
    These crystals both in kidney and gall bladder forms obstructions sometime and causes severe pain in that area.
    causes of gallbladder stones::
    1.when we take more oil diet like bakery items, liver has to work for a long time for their metabolism and releases large amounts of bilesalts into the gallbladder
    2.when gallbladder concentrate the bile juice to very much high level then the possibility for stones are more
    3.when a person is infected by any parasite which acts on gallbladder as host, it causes an inflammation to bileduct and cause obstruction.

    #For gallbladder stones, patient is advised to prevent intake of high protein diet and oil diets.
    #Advise him/her to take simple dite like carbohydrated dite (idle).
    #By consulting a doctor if it is possible by medications follow them.

    Then next to KIDNEY STONES, they are formed due to accumulation of uric acid crystalls /salts in kidney tubues.
    Causes for kidney stones are::
    #when we take hige protein diet , for making body protein levels in equilibrium/balanced state liver converts that amino acids and nucleic acids into uric acid which is to be eliminated through urine, but unfortunately when the levels of uric acid increases it become insoluble and is not eliminated through urine, and are accumulated in kidneys.
    #By taking large amounts of water that crystals in kidneys may get dissolves, if the crystalls become more tough it may be solved through surgery.

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