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    PhD in India without entrance exam

    Interested in doing PhD? Searching for details of admission without entrance exam? Find advice from experts on this page and resolve your query.

    One month before I gave MSc Microbiology final year exam. I have one publication (in BSc) on subject- Synthesis of Nanoparticle by green method. Soon I will get another publication in the same subject. So on the basis of these two publications can I get PhD admission in India without clearing NET/SET or other entrance exam on Nanotechnology subject.
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  • Yes. Even without those two papers also you can get admitted into Ph.D. couse. There are many universities and research laboratories in India. The professors and scientists will be getting so many research project grants from CSIR and UGC. To do the work related to those projects the professors and scientists will be recruiting junior research fellows. They have to perform the work related to that project under their guidance. THe same work can be used by the scholar for obtaining his Ph.D degree. You can take the help of your professors or seniors and try to locate a project like this. The advertisements for JRF by different Organisations will be getting published . Watch them and you will get helped.

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  • For getting into any govt funded institution you have to go through a panel interview. If the applicants are more a primary screening will be conducted through written tests. NET/SET is not mandatory for getting Ph.D . admissions in many institutions. The number of publication will give you an advantage over other candidates for the same institution. The SET/NET marks will also give you an added advantage. Look for updates on various Institute websites regularly, there are different schemes of admission for Ph.D.

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