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    Oscillators and fictious voltage

    Actually oscillators are those circuits which are also amplifiers but uses positive feedback while amplifiers uses negative feedback. And here in oscillators, no need to give input voltage but here we just assume voltages as fictious.
    Now my question is How does oscillators genearates oscillations without input voltage.
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    I think this posting should go to Ask a Expert section M. Sohail. There Experts in electrical subject or physics scholars can answer. As a non Physicist I feel it is not possible to generate oscillations without input energy.
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    Shaik please use this forum section for general purpose and start debate of those subjects which are general in nature so that many members can respond and say something.
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    This thread is being shifted to Ask Expert section.
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    Oscillators convert DC to AC. They're designed in such a way to carry the frequency varied by range by an input voltage or current.
    Here, we are neglecting input voltage and considering the Direct Current alone. Because frequency change doesn't occur in DC.
    An oscillator provides itself with an input through feedback.
    Hence, oscillator is a self-driven element and it's feedback is positive because it's regenerative.

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    Oscillator is basically an electronic amplifier in which a part of output is fed back to input and a sustained oscillation is obtained in the output. The oscillator is given a direct current supply from a DC source ( like torch cells, mains to DC supply converter adopter etc) and it takes power for its working from this DC source. The output of oscillator is in pulsating wave form and it's nature is alternating, commonly called as AC. For comparison please note that the electric supply to our houses is also in AC form.

    To get a particular frequency oscillations from an oscillator certain circuit elements are added in the oscillator circuits. The most common are LC (inductor and capacitor) and RC (resistor and capacitor) type of elements which form the part of the circuit and decide the output frequency of the oscillator.

    So oscillators are basically taking energy from a DC source and converting it to AC output through the electronic mechanism of their circuits.

    Oscillators have vide use in industry and they are present everywhere in one form or other.

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    Oscillators an electronic device which generates an output of required frequency and constant amplitude.
    Actually there are some electrons in oscillator which moves due to room temperature due to this voltage gets generates in the oscillator and leads to generate oscillations and
    due to Barkhausen criteria the magnitude of product of amplifying factor and feedback factor is set to One and leads to sustained oscillations.
    hence in Oscillations there is no need of any input voltage to oscillators and here Positive feedback is used when compare to Amplifier where negative feedback is used.

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