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    How to remove the strong masala smell from the pan

    Disturbed with masala odour in vessels? Searching for tis and hacks to remove this odour? Do read this page and use the methods and tips.

    Occasionally I use different ready made masalas for different recipes like biryani masala, pav bhaji masala, chole masala, garam masala etc.

    Whenever I cook food in kadai using masala, the strong masala smell remains even after cleaning the pan. When I use the cleaned kadai the next time, it spreads a strong masala smell when heated which I feel nauseating.

    I tried various methods to get rid of the strong odour but of no use, hence posting the question here. Can anyone please give me some tips / handy hints on how to remove the strong masala smell from the pan?
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  • It is said that lemon does an exceptional job in masking odor. There are various soaps, gels, wash powders that come with lemon nowadays. If you are facing the problem even after washing it with Vim, I think we need to see for alternatives. Now that chemical detergents aren't working for you, try clay. Clay is an anti-toxin. It makes and neutralizes the odor. Natural clay should do the trick for you.

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  • Clean the pan with alkali like soda and soak it in soda water for long time. Then use a half cut lemon and thoroughly clean and again soak for long time in water. Finally wash with fresh water keep it in open till it get dried. Then 100% smell of masala will go away. If still smell persist use a cloth dipped in acetone and thoroughly wipe it number of times and finally with water. Smell will perish.

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  • In some of the rural areas, they make use of the lemon. They keep the pan into warm water. And then they use the lemon to get rid of the food that is stuck on it. And also it can be helped to remove it from the pan. In this process the smell is also reduced. And if you use soda based dish washer, then it is lot easier to get rid of. Also the process of soda with the leftover on the pan, may not smell that bad. As some brands are using the freshers smell in such washing powder. So you can either make use of this or simply the dishwasher powder as that can be a much better solution for it to not have smell.

  • Hi, I use lemon and baking powder to remove odor, excess oil and anything sticky out of my pan.
    Add some water to the pan,, add 1 or 2 tbs of baking soda, let it boil, then squeeze half lemon to the pan. Again let it boil. Then pour the water out and wash with your usual dish washer and plain water.
    Then Sun dry the pan.

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  • I generally find fish leaves behind a strong odour, in the vessels it was used for marination, preparation, serving and eating. I practice what my mother used to do. Wash the dish as you normally would, and then wash it a second time with flour - I use wheat flour. Just sprinkle a little in the vessel and give it a good scrub, with the scrubber. Rinse well, and you are done.

    Washing hands with 'atta' has the same effect. The strong smell of garlic can be eliminated from the hands by washing them with atta.

    It is practical because it is easily available in every house.

    Alternatively, you can try washing the 'kadai' twice, and then be sunning it. Ensure that the scrubber is clean when you do so. If the scrubber is smelly and has food particles stuck on it, the smell will transfer to the vessel.

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  • Its one the major problem. you must wash the pan twice and add water and make it to boil. Then add salt into the boiling water that make the removal odour in the pan.
    Then also use lemon to wipe out the pan when after boiling the water and salt mixture.

  • Hi removing smells and stains from vessels is a common problem for everyone.You can use lemon juice and baking soda or vinegar is also best remedy.

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