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    Is there any treatment from Ayurveda for good digestion ?

    Have a problem of indigestion? Want to know some ayurvedic treatments to solve the issue? You may find this Ask Expert page useful.

    Normally when we have tight and sumptuous food during the last dinner, the next day it will tell upon the health and the stomach gets upset due to indigestion problems. For many outside food including party food is not acceptable and they are vulnerable to fall ill the next day.
    The treatment from allopathy for this is not encouraging.
    Is there any good Ayurveda treatment for good digestion for the children and old ?
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  • Ayurveda recommends eating a piece of ginger mixed with few drops of lemon juice and with a pinch of salt before having a meal. This would help the potential of digestive juices and thereby gives easier digestion.
    If internal heat of your body is high, then try pomegranate chutney.
    And try to drink water at room temperature. Iced water increases the stomach capacity and warm water stimulates digestion. Maintain a schedule for meal.
    Chayavanprash, Pudinhara, zandu pancharisht are all the natural remedies for the stomach related ailments.

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  • Yes . There are medicines in Ayurveda to get away with the digestion problem. There is a medicine by name Kravyadi. These are pills. You can take one pill after every meal for a few days. There is another medicine called Kasisam. This is a powder. You can take daily two times this medicine with water your digestion problem will get cured.
    However what I suggest you is there are many Ayurvedic shops in Hyderabad. There is one shop in Koti. The name of the shop is Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam Limited. You can meet the physician there he will help you. The branch of the same shop is there near paradise opposite Chermas shop. Try there also.

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  • Digestion is a natural process of the body. The body tolerates a lot and reacts only when what we thrust inside is beyond tolerance of the body mechanisms.

    There is a saying in Tamil" Langanam param oushadham"- Fasting is the prime medicine. So when we feel stomach upset the best remedy is to not to eat anything hard until the stomach becomes comfortable. Recently I heard a Vaidya-cum- snayasi telling that we should eat only half the stomach. One quarter should be water. The remaining one quarter should be left empty. That helps digestion and prevents many digestion related issues. The first cause of indigestion is overeating, eating frequently without giving stomach time to digest what we ate earlier.

    However sometimes certain type of foods which the stomach is not familiar with, or some foods inimical to the inner walls of stomach and intestine like spicy ,acidic foods, some foods which take more time for digestion like highly fatty foods in high quantity, all may cause the stomach to react. Foods which we push in without chewing well also can also affect the ease of digestion sometimes.So if the issue is temporary then the remedy also need be temporary.
    If one feels bloated stomach, fo the first time after eating, then simple jeera water)water boiled with cumin seeds) is enough. Ajwan also can be added if the problem is a bit more.

    For aiding and daily supportive the common Ayurvedic medicines are Dasamoolaaarisht mixed with Jeerakarisht.
    However for chronic or acute problems one has to consult a doctor only.
    Ayurveda system has various medicines for treating indigestion. However it is always suggested to consult a qualified doctor practising Ayurveda if the problem is not temporary or one time.The doctor gives medicines ,combination and dose customised as per the patient's overall health situation and specific need of the problem.
    When one has to take Ayurveda medicines mostly the doctor advises certain 'restrictions'. It may be fully avoiding or regulating certain food items, adjusting lifestyle like sleep eating etc. One should avoid 'Virudh aahaar"(contra foods),which the doctor will properly specify

  • Ayurveda has excellent remedies for strengthening digestion - system. In order to improve upon the digestion - system, we may take up the following tips-
    1) We should make a practice to take seven to eight raisins in the empty - stomach and this practice should be continued for at least a month. This will strengthen our digestion - system and would not cause excess gas - formation.
    2) Goose- berry also known as Amlaki has the charecterestic of pacifying all the three Doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Cough and hence its regular inclusion along with our meal will eliminate the digestion - problem. There are a number of Ayurvedic - companies making powder or tablets for taking care of this problem.
    3) Role of Tulasi should not be forgotten in context of indigestion. We may choose four or five leaves of Tulasi after our principal meal in order to mitigate excess acid - formation. This can be continued a couple of days for sorting out digestion problem.
    4) Ajawain - water by boiling a teaspoon of Ajawain along with 100 ml of water till the volume recedes to half and then by consuming the same at in the Luke - warm condition would give relief instatenously.

  • Health is our most important wealth. Our body is a holy temple which must be kept need and tidy by regularly dieting, consuming proper food, organic food and lots of water should intake by individual since 80% of our body needs water for good health, and proper digestion.

    Water and organic foods are the secret of our energy.

    With reference to your query about digestions, it is highly recommended that Apple is our best friend to keeps the Doctor away. But I would recommend "Super Nourish Moringa" which is an Ayurveda medicine mostly available in Hyderabad and Assam. It is, "Morning a day- Keeps the Doctor away" medicine enriched with Alfa Alfa and Barely powder.

    This Ayurveda medicine contains Moringa Pterygosperma, Hordeum Valgare, and Medicago Sativa. This medicine is considered to be a complete food and nutritious powerhouse to boost energy and nourishing the immune, digestive and urinary system. In addition, these Medicine, has many benefits like preventing strokes, constipation, osteoporosis, gallstones, acne, asthma, osteoarthris, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and kidney problems. The regular intake of this medicine helps our body to stabilize blood glucose level and regulate insulin.

    The Moringa tablet or medicines are mostly available in Ayurveda agencies, outlets and from associates. It is also helpful in balancing metabolism and removing fat substances from the stomach.

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  • Yes, It will help good digestion for ayurveda medicine.

    1. Karakkaya (Haritaki) Powder available in siddha medical showroom. You can get this powder and mix with butter milk.
    2. After food, you drink that powder it will cure the good digestion of the health.
    3. Aloe Vera juice is always cure the digestion of the acidity and stomach irritation problem also.
    4. Lemon Juice with add in sugar or salt mix it and drink before food in before 30 minutes.
    5. It will helps unwanted dust and gas remove easily and also help for good digestion.
    6. Elathy Chooranam is the best medicine for good digestion in ayurvedic products. The pills also available and take a hot water and pills dip in water to mix it.
    7. Drink daily after food. It will cure the stomach gas sounds and help for good digestion.

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