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    I am a BA English graduate (distance course) of 2017 batch.
    But there is a gap of 8 years after working as a computer teacher in middle school with 9000 Rs salary. I have excellent English speaking skills.
    Can you recommend a good short course to learn computer skills to upgrade my salary?
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  • If you want to upgrade your skills in computer area and want to teach in school then there are some courses which can be beneficial to you.

    Some of such courses are basic computer hardware, basic HTML and basic computer software for which you can have a short certificate course from any private computer course center.

    You are already teaching computer basics in your school so after getting upgraded in above courses you can ask your school administration to allow you to teach it to the concerned classes.

    Another thing is there are some universities in India which offer B.Ed. course through correspondence. You can try that as your prospect in getting a better job elsewhere will be increased.

    If you can afford financially then you can consider to go for one year regular teachers diploma in computer science which is offered by some universities/ colleges in India.

    I am giving some site addresses where you can get some valuable information in your case.

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  • Doing English specialization background and seeking job in computer are different. I know many who are in more or less in same boat. Here are your options to increase pay scale.
    1. Choose to do get into BPO job. Since you have good command in English. All you need to get ascent for different country through their learning and trainings. If you succeed you will have 35K to 45K salary monthly.
    2. Choose to do MCA. It is now 3 year post graduation but surely your will get job as desired. Eligibility is graduation and 10+2 should have mathematics.
    3. Choose to locally study computer courses and in parallel take admission to Diploma in computer science. By the time you will pass out you will be profession in computer programming.
    4. There are other local hardware teaching institutes which provides back office works of repairing and organization infrastructure support of networks and Desktops.

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  • The best way to improve your earnings is to go for B.Ed. There is lot of requirement for English Language Teachers. As you have already have experience, you try completing B.Ed.
    Another way is while working, complete your MA English in distance education mode. Many openings are there for English lecturers. You can earn good money by doing this. While working as teacher you can complete your Doctorate also, which will give a very good chance to become a professor of English.

    As already mentioned in other replies you have many courses which you can do part time and go for higher positions in IT sector also.

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  • If you are passion in teaching profession, then go for the same and do not worry about computer knowledge. Basic computer knowledge is necessary for everyone nowadays but you can learn through some online courses available. You can learn MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-Powerpoint which may be helpful for your presentation if needed. Otherwise plan for your career by doing a degree related to your teaching professional.

    Just apply for B.Ed, and after that go for P.G Course which will add more weightage for your teaching professional. If you are willing to go further, apply for Ph.D and can be a professor in a well reputed college. You will get a decent salary with all the above qualification if you possess.

  • Hi,
    You do not specified the details about of your qualification. As per my opinion you continue your current job and pursue master's and BEd degree in distance mode.
    Then you will be eligible for teaching jobs which has a good salary.
    You have stated that you have an excellent english speaking skill, then you may go for BPO jobs which also offers a very good salary. There you have a very good career opportunity for future days.

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