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    Who got the highest share in earning of Bahubali 2?

    Have a query about the earnings for Bahubali 2? Looking out for who got the highest share? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have read that Bahubali 2 is the highest grosser movie in India earning more than Rs 1500 crores. But the highest paid person of the movie was Director SS Rajamouli earning Rs 28 crore. Then who earned the remaining money and who got the highest share?
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  • The distributors, buyers and rights holders will have large share of profits. The producers will also get benefitted maximum. Rs.1500/- crores is the money earned. But it is not profit. The major share in the profits will definitely goes to the producers.

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  • Every movies are produced and released by Producer itself. The Producer is the proprietor of any films, and short movies. He hires the artists, cameramen, actors and actresses, singer, etc... However, he has to pay all the expenditure and cost for producing single film and the remaining shares is the profit of the producer.

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    Bahubali is the best movie in Telugu Industy and All time record breaking. SS Rajamouli's film has become the first Indian movie to collect Rs 1500 crore worldwide. Baahubali 2 achieved this rare feat in just 21 days. The film has collected Rs 1227 crore in India and Rs 275 crore in the overseas market. In all languages are biggest hit of this movie and also release in Chinese language of this month July last week to ready 2000 Crore club including this movie. Bahubali and Bahubali 2 have earned to 1725+650= 2375 Crore in Box office Collection.

  • Of course, the person who invests and risk his money will get the largest share in the profit. And in case of film industry that person is the producer who finances the movie without caring about the box office collection. However, in some cases some other person who has made a contract or has bought the full copyright of the movie can also be the person with the largest share in profit. But in the case of Bahubali 2 the producer has earned some unexpected bucks and the stars and the director just earned their fee and some prize from the producer but they earned name, fame and stardom which can never be bought with money.

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