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    Should I do BSc Physics or go for B tech ?

    Confused between BSc and BTech? Searching for the best career option to opt for? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have passed class 12 recently from CBSE Board. I am very much interested in Physics and want to study it in higher levels. I am confused whether to opt for B.Tech in Electronics or BSc Physics Hons?
    Which one will be the right course for me?
    I have heard that B.Tech is better than a BSc Hons. degree. So I want to know if I should join BSc Physics in Calcutta University or go for BTech in Engineering colleges in West Bengal ?
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  • You have given a strong indicating that "I am very much interested in Physics and want to study it in higher levels. ". So it is better not to confuse yourself. Just opt for B.Sc physics.
    Whatever you study please give full involvement and get and give something extra than what is expected normally.
    One worry the research field is now facing is there is a dearth of students opting for pure science courses. So you can choose B.Sc Physics with confidence and work with full focus. There are many opportunities in the research field and application field. In case you feel something different then also there are ample chances of branching and specialising after completion of graduation.
    While doing the academic course itself you may get in touch with the many research organisations doing research in Physics related fields. You can take the help of Senior faculties Dean etc in this regard.

  • As you said you are intrested in physics and if it is so, you should choose BSC hons with physics.
    Because in BTECH you will study subjets for a particular branch like mechanical, electrical , civil e.t.c and concepts related to that branch only and durring the whole course their will be approximately 40 subjects related to that branch only and you will not get much chance to know about all the concepts and theories in physics, but with BSC hons you will get insight to various aspect and concept of physics and also get to know about basics and base of all branches of engineering which will not be limited towrds just one branch and theories related to that branch only.

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  • Choosing B.Sc. in Physics and later opting research scientist post course would be right to choose. There are various institutes who provide that that study and if you are up to date like Indian Institutes of Science Education & Research (IISERs). You might get into Indian Space research institute if you are up to date and had interest. Other options are to get PG in M.Sc. and become lecturer or do Ph.D. for your research.

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  • I infer that you are very much interested in physics and have good appreciation for the subject. So, it would be better for you to opt Physics. In this course, your knowledge about the subject will be very much enhanced. You will be taught almost all the fundamentals of the subject, starting from the basics to the subtle nuances.
    On the other hand, in B.Tech course, there are a lots of subjects and multiple assignments that have to be completed. There is a lot of pressure and you can't focus that much on one subject.
    The career options after are quite good. You can go for post graduation and then apply for research fellowship at various prestigious universities in India as well as abroad. Also, there is teaching job by which you can share your knowledge to lots of other students like you.
    I had to make a similar choice few years ago, whether to go for chemical engineering or Chemistry. I chose the latter and believe me, there are no regrets.

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  • Anytime what we are more interested that will be a better option. So without any second thought you get admitted into B.Sc, Physics. There are many opportunities for Physics and Chemistry post graduates on par with Engineers. After completing your B.Sc you can join in Masters degree with electronics specialization which is an ever green subject.
    Nowadays many are interested in B.Tech only. But Government is encouraging science also. Many research Organisations are there where you can excel as per your capability.
    Try to take a little extra efforts to be on the top, that will fetch you good results.

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