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    Job opportunities for chemical engineers after M.Tech.

    Going to complete M.Tech. in chemical engineering & unsure about job prospects? Have a look at the various job options available for you from this Ask Expert page.

    I just want to know that, are there jobs for a chemical engineer after doing M.Tech.? I am not interested in the teaching field. So, other than teaching, what are the type of jobs a post graduate in chemical engineering can take up?
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  • The openings other than teaching, for M.Tech Chemica Engg candidates is as follows;
    They are needed in Chemical plants, Paints and pigment industries, Petroleum and Oil Industry, Pharmaceutical plants and other manufacturing plants where chemical s and chemical engineering are used .
    M Tech candidates are taken for posts of process engineers, process development engineers, Engineering Managers, Shift engineers ,Project Managers etc. M Tech peple can get jobs in Fertiliser Plants,
    Indian Institute of Chemical Technology also takes M Tech people for Project Assistant or Researc Asociates.One can add names of large pharma companies also.
    Some of the well known names of companies where Chemical engineers are recruited are: IOCL, Reliance Petroleum,Essar Oil Industries,Hindusthan Lever etc. In the public sector the examples are FACT,Cohin Refinery, Mangalore Refinery,IOCL,

  • In the event that you are no more interested in teaching professions, you can make entry in any chemical industry such as Cement - plant, Bye - product plant attached to steel plant where there is production of Benzol, Napthelene, Sulphuric - acid, Ammonium - sulphate etc. Apart from the industries as mentioned earlier. you have abundant scope in the Oil - industries, Rubber - industries, Fertiliser plants etc. Pharmactuals - industries, too, employ chemical engineers to look after the processing of their units.
    In all the industries relating to chemical - processings, they wrk in shits as Shift - incharges and are responsible for augmenting production. Higher responsibilities are assigned to chemical - engineers with their experience and can attain the post of General - manager, Executive - director etc provided they could rove their worth.
    I am enclosing the name of the companies where the chemical,- engineers are having a lot of demands such as -
    1) Indian Oil Corporation
    2) Cochin - refinery
    3) Steel - plants
    4) Indian Explosive Limited
    5) Alumunium Industry
    6) Copper Industry etc

  • Chemical Engineers are very much required for many public sector and private sector industries. There are very good research Institutes where M.Tech Chemical Engineers are working for their Ph.Ds.
    Teaching profession is always there for post graduates.
    You can choose any one of the three, namely, Industry, Research and teaching.

    There are many bulk drug plants, Pharmaceutical plants and fine chemical plants both in public and private. The scales are very attractive and promotion channels are excellent.

    If I have to choose, I choose a MNC for starting my career as a chemical Engineer.

    always confident

  • Hi,
    Being an M.Tech degree holder, you will not face any problem in getting job afterwards. There are many industries, plants and laboratories are recruiting Chemical engineers every year in India as well as abroad.
    You can work in Mass product firms, refining industries, Petrochemical plants, Pharmaceutical plants and may more. There are different departments for chemical engineers like Quality control department, research and development department, Quality assessment department, etc. You can select any of them as per your interest and ca try for that. But one point you should keep in mind is, most of the higher designations for R&D, QC-QA departments are offered to PhD qualified candidates as they have research experience and aptitude to perform well. If a candidate is not holding PhD degree but have some research experience in some short term projects in relevant field, they are also considered.
    So, my open advice is to pursue some good projects and get experience first and then try to get in reputed firms. This will give you good opportunities.
    Apart from all these, teaching is an excellent option for reputed job with good returns. In this field you ca easily keep yourself updated with all the advance techniques in your own field.
    You can start you tuition classes and this will give you freedom and independence to work in your available hours. So you ca think about it and convince yourself for teaching.


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  • Chemical engineers both graduate and post graduate have a lot of demands for various process and the manufacturing industries. You'd find the requirement for chemical engineers in the following places.

    1. Paint companies such as Asian paints, from chemicals to process. Work as QA, management etc.
    2. Beverages companies such as Mapro, Frito lays, coca cola, etc. Work as QA, Chemical consultant, management etc.
    3. QA work in process plants.
    4. Chemical engineer in manufacturing and process plants.
    5. Chemical engineering consultants for offshore firms.
    6. Chemical engineering research firms.

    As you can see depending on your role and the work profile your salary and the position may vary. Also the growth depends on the manufacturing or the QA process that you adopt. You can also get into lectureship in college, start your own tuition for this engineering degree etc.

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