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    GATE Exam and maximum percentage in BTech.

    Aspiring to study MTech? Have a query about GATE exam? On this Ask Expert page you can read the suggestions and get answers to your questions.

    I am doing BTech 3rd year, EEE. I need guidance for preparing GATE Examination and write it in 4th year. I want to qualify in it and score a good percentage in graduation exam.
    How to prepare for GATE exam at minimum cost and qualify in it and how to score a great percentage in BTech?
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  • GATE is always advised for candidates pursuing engineering. This is the right time for you to start preparing for it. For GATE, you need not to spend extra money.
    GATE syllabus mostly includes all the topics you study during your engineering. For preparation, you ca search for old papers from your institute's library or even online. At ISC also you can get old papers for GATE for your reference.
    Collect as many papers as you can and try to solve them. You can also check for the solved papers for your reference.
    As you are still pursuing your degree, you can take support from your lecturers where ever you need.
    You should also try to get the syllabus which can be obtained from its official site easily. Check for the topics and try to cover them.
    If you want, you ca buy GATE preparation books for practice. This will help you to reduce the time you are giving on each question.


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  • The cheapest and efficient way for cracking gate exam is by following NPTEL lectures in your domain. In depth knowledge in your domain helps to reduce the difficulty in understanding challenging problems. Nptel website also gives model paper for practicing. Make sure you finish at least two model question paper in exact gate exam format before examination and find your weak spots.
    Also, give more concentration on Aptitude exams, you can get free aptitude and English test in bank coaching sites. get a used aptitude book for discounted rate and be familiar with all type of question. With adequate practice you will be able to get 15 marks without spending much time during the examination. Remember each mark you score is going to make a huge difference in your ranking.

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