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    Can I give Intermediate exam two times in two different colleges

    Have a query about giving Intermediate exam? Wondering if it can attempted twice? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    I have given Intermediate exam in 2007 but in this year I have not obtained good marks. I have just passed and then I have given again intermediate exam in 2008 in different college in same Board because I have no idea about improvement exam. This is legal or illegal?
    Can you give me necessary advice so that I can confidently prepare for any exam?

    Thanks sir
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  • Did you give the same details in both the exams. Name, Father's name, Date of Birth etc. Your 10th marks and pass certificate you have produced for both colleges will be the same? Did you tell the facts to the college from where you have written second time.If your answer is Yes, there may not be any problem. Don't mention about 2007 results. Give only 2008 results in all your applications. You can prepare confidently. But check up whether the 2008 certificate is genuine.

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  • Sir i have given same school leaving certificate in both college,name, date of birth, father's name and all things like first time but in second time i went college and got admission and done registration like fresher and then gave exam and passed successfully and i never consider any time first college certificate.then any problem about this?

  • You have to be very careful in telling that you have done your Intermediate in 2008 only. The reason is whenever you have to appear for job it will be evident that after your high school you took 3 years for clearing Intermediate so it reflects on your academic record and you can not tell that you have done it 2 times as our education rules do not recommend it.

    Whether it is legal or not is a matter of legal scruitny and precedents in such cases but you have to hide one year everywhere which will be seen as 1 year drop during Intermediate which itself is a negative point.

    Now you have no option as you can only show your 2008 result in future totally hiding the 2007 episode.

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  • Whatever you have done is illegal and unfortunately it can't be rectified. If it is disclosed to the authority, both the examinations will be declared null and voi. So, you have to hide one of your Intermediate examination results throughout your life. You yourself will have to forget the fact. Mentally prepare yourself accordingly.

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    The Board of Intermediate is having the data of all the passed and failed candidates with them and we cannot impersonate or study from other college. You can always had the chance to improve your marks through the instant exams conducted after declaring main results and you have missed the chance and chose to write through other college, What I suggest that you join as the fresher in any Intermediate college again and continue the study. Then you will get the regular certificate along with other candidate. At least this time you make sure that you clear all the papers with good marks.

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  • Yes, you can appear at the same examination but in that case, it would be necessary to take approval from the Board that you want to rewrite the same examination for improvement - purpose and only by clearing this formality, you are supposed to appear for the said examination.
    However, it appears that you did not clear that formality and as such your last examination - having appeared in 2008 would be valid. You cannot show the result already passed in 2007 for any official purpose.

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    I have completed intermediate in 2017 and I want to remain in is legal or illegal

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    Sir , same problem to me I want study intermediate again . May I know the process to study intermediate again

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