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    Grammar check for a sentence

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    Is this a correct sentence:
    The ganga is a sacred river.
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  • The correct sentence should be - The Ganga is the sacred river.
    Explanation -
    Since The Ganga is treated as the holy river and in order to maintain the dignity of this holy river, the has been used prior to the river.

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    "The Ganga is a sacred river" it is the corect answer because Ganga is the name of a river, so it has to be capitalized.

  • Your doubt is reasonable here as the grammar is very basic concept in English.
    You want to know that "The Ganga is a sacred river" is this sentence is right or not?

    The above mentioned sentence is correct due to use of article i.e. "The".
    If you would use A in place of The, that sentence would be wrong grammatically. Because use of "The" is compulsory when we addressed any river, ocean etc.

    And here in your sentence Ganga is a holy river. So use of "The" is compulsory.

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