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    Guidance needed in selling the products on online websites

    Planning to sell products online? Searching for advice online? On this Ask Expert page you can find advice to resolve your queries.

    I stitch dresses in my free time and would like to sell them online. But I am not sure about the procedures.

    Can you please tell me is GSTIN mandatory to sell stitched dresses online?
    Or is it possible to sell the products online without any registration?
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  • GSTIN number is necessary from July onwards to sell stuff online. You may have to approach CA or the online agencies to register yourself as sole proprietor or under some name. When you are selling physical products, check with the GSTList if your product or service is exempted from the list. Considering it is clothing it is not likely to be excluded unless it is khadi work which is considered in exempted. You can't sell this product online without registration.

    Flipkart, amazon, ebay, shopify all require you to register under some brand name or sole proprietor. Here you may be asked to register for GST and VAT. After July 1, the guidelines will change on almost every E-commerce platform. I suggest you to get in touch with any specific site like flipkart or amazon and ask them the changes that applies. You can wait upto August for things to properly settle and then decide on strategy considering the rules and the regulations are likely to stabilize from there onwards. Till then you can sell offline in nearby stores or in flea market where your GST number and stuff may not matter to direct customers.

    After July 1, Flipkart, Ebay and Amazon may adopt the following approach (some changes depending on your state and product or type of service)

    1. Register for VAT/ST.
    2. Get LLP or Pvt ltd for incorporation benefits.
    3. If choosing sole proprietorship, or other, choose GST option.
    4. If turn over is above 10L then service tax registration is must.

    Instamojo, Paytm is already asking for the GST PIN or Number starting from this month.

  • Hi Mahesh,

    Thank you very much and the answer is informative..

  • From july onwards GSTIN is a must for online business also. You have to get the registration done and get the number. The procedure all that may be known to many tax consultants in your city. You have to approach them. You have to get your company registered also.
    Initially what I suggest is approach any known readymade shop keeper. Discuss with him and make an agreement with him. You can keep your material there. If any of the customers like your material, he will sell that. You can offer him some % as commission. Once your products started moving you can expand and open your own shop.

    You can create your own blog or website and post your articles in those web site. You have to make your site attractive by posting some good videos, photos, articles and improve viewership by making it search engine friendly. You can despatch against the orders for those articles. For this also you require GST number.

    All the best to you.

    always confident

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    Very useful information, thank you very much

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