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    Confused between two courses

    Have a dilemma about which graduate degree to opt for? confused between agriculture and biotechnology? Here, read suggestions from experts and resolve your query.

    I am in deep confusion regarding choosing my career. I have two options :-
    1) BSc Agriculture
    2) BSc Biotechnology
    I am confused about which one to go for.
    What is the scope and the career prospects of both the courses? Which is a better course?
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  • Biotechnology is a new subject when compared to agriculture. The chances for a getting a good job after completion of graduation in the above two subjects are almost equal. But you should complete post graduation in the same subject. Biotechnology people may have little advantage in getting jobs than agriculture postgraduates My suggestion to you is you select the subject in which you are more interested. In such case your performance will be better. If you gain a higher percentage in your exam and get a good rank you will get a better job. The subject of interest can be chosen. If I was having an option for both the above definitely my option will be biotechnology only.

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  • Hi,
    You have not mentioned anything about your interest. All fields are good and the returns are directly proportional to the handwork you do during your course with full dedication. It is possible only when you find it interesting.
    So, my first suggestion will be to go with your choice. If we talk about job prospects, B.Sc. Agriculture is good field with lots of scopes in the area of research. Candidates ca pursue higher education and ca join agricultural firms, industries and even research institutes working towards improvement of agriculture technology. Teaching is again a good option for you.
    In case of Biotechnology, as its name says, it is the field of Technology which is still in growing stage. You ca find many job options depending upon your qualification and these options are not limited to agricultural firms only. You can join Agricultural firm even wth your Biotechnology specialization.


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  • You have to bear in your mind that no course is bad and it all depends upon your passion and interest to be put into right direction so as to achieve impressive marks in the chosen field.
    I have seen a candidate persuing Sanskrit in his graduate - level and lastly he could manage the Civil - service Examination with a high ranking.
    Now coming to the real term which one should be chosen between the two - B.Sc( Agriculture) and B.Sc ( Biotechnology).
    In fact, both the courses are pretty - good in the sense that you would get huge oppurtunities to excel in both the fields. By having acquired a post graduate degree in Agriculture, you may join a Research - laboratory where you would have oppurtunity to sustain your Research - work. Emoluments would certainly be highly satisfying for you. Otherwise you may join as a Lecturer in an agricultural college and later Ph.D can be procured so that your promotional - chain is widened.
    Biotechnology is the emerging field and by taking up the same, you would come across many exciting things such as modern tools to control infectious disease, the ways and means to enhance the longevity of lives, effective means to tackle the agricultural crops from different insects and other interesting aspects. There is a vast potential for the growth in this field in the years ahead.
    So you need to take a firm stand before you proceed to either of the courses. Of course, you need to weigh pros and cons prior to selection of the course.

  • To be honest BSC. Biotech is yet to get it's root properly moved in our country. Not a lot of pharma and research companies are hiring the BSC Biotech. Same can be said for the BSC Agriculture. So in both cases the opportunities are limited. Last year not a lot of BSC Agricultures were recruited by the companies in states such as Gujrat and Maharashtra. This is one reason I think both these degrees have their share of limited job opportunities. As much as we can say about these degrees having demand with emerging fields and the possible future jobs chances. There is currently not much demand and also the graduates in these two streams are settling in other fields for the jobs.

    In such case it'd be favorable to go for the BSC. Chemistry or the B Pharma. As the chemical companies and the pharma companies are hiring the graduates from both these degrees every year and there is surely some demand for it.

  • The scope of Biotechnology in India is not that good compared to agriculture. As per analysis of my own university it was found that the placements in agriculture department were quite better compared to that of biotechnology. Again if you want to get placed for a better salary you will have to think about masters. Pursuing BTech in these fields will be better as they are of more demand compared to BSc of same. Once you successfully bag a good position in a company you will surely have good future as most companies offer good salaries for such streams.

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