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    Need guidance to purchase smart watches for my children.

    Interested in purchasing smart watches? Searching for advice? You can read through this page and understand the features and price.

    I want to purchase two smartwatches for my children. I searched on flipkart but I am a little bit confused which would be better for my children.
    Can any one guide me to purchase smartwatches for my children?
    I do not have idea about it. I also want to know the functions and prices of watches?
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  • As the age of the children is not given, it is not possible to give a specific suggestion.
    If the children know about smart watches or they have seen it with their friends or relatives or in advertisement, then you may ask them for their suggestion and preference.
    If they are not at all used to or are not at all familiar with smart watches, then go for products that are not very costly and have only the minimum features. In that case damage caused by mishandling or lack of proper care, will not cause much loss. They will also get exposure to a new item and get experience and more awareness about that. Later you can go for better and more costly models.
    You can read the reviews given in the sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc and get an idea of the products and various models and can choose accordingly.

  • (a) Age of the children is an important factor to decide the product. Whether it is for daily use or for occasional use, is another factor.
    (b) The features available in the wrist-watch is required to be decided in advance. Personally I prefer minimum features.
    (c) The cost is, needless to say, is important. The children should not be costly items. This is necessary for their safety and security also.
    (d) The colour, band, style, dial, etc. can be decided consulting the children.
    (e) Various categories and types of wrist-watches and their basic features can be checked and compared at various e-Commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • With the rapid advance in technology smart watches are surely a new trend that people aspire for. Whether it is used by you or your children it does not matter who uses it until and unless the person using it has a good sense of technology.
    The online stores contain a mixture of both cheap and costly smart watches, but I recommend you to go for a costlier one as they have longer durability and better performance. A smartwatch will be having all the basic features that a smart phone has and comes with special features of fitness tracker which are definitely something to attract us.

    In case you're an Android client then an Android Wear smartwatch is the conspicuous decision however it's not really the best for everybody. Google's OS changed for wearables likewise plays pleasantly with iOS yet with chopped down usefulness so iPhone users will get more from the Apple Watch.

    Below are some of the best smart watches available in the market.
    Huawei Watch , Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, Apple Watch Series, LG Watch Urbane, LG Watch Sport, Motorola Moto 360 Sport, Samsung Gear S2, Huawei Watch, Fossil Q Founder.

    If you are looking for a cheaper and better one then mi watch is worth a try.
    Hope this helps.

  • It nice to see that you are making your children smart as you want to give them something more technical then they have.
    Watch's are meant to show the time. It's self explanatory that watch's around the world are used to see the time.

    Here below are some of the features of the smart watch's (not applicable to all smart watch's):
    1 You can get direction's for your location.
    2 You can have track of locations you are visiting.
    3. You can connect your Android/iOs/Windows phones with Bluetooth to watch to get application notification.
    4 You can Send and Read whatsapp notification. Also works for twitter and normal SMS.
    5 You can play music, video and movies also.
    6 You can use it as fitness measurement device like no of steps taken etc.
    7 You can make booking for flight, hotels , trains.
    8 You can use it for setting up alarm.
    9 Can post photographs of Facebook.
    10 There are some educational app that works on smart watch.
    11 You can even click the photographs with it.
    12 You can having sim facility that makes it mini phone as it gives you calling function.

    Here are list of few smart watch's(irrespective of ranking) with price(approx and may change as per market) :
    1 Apple watch series 2 (iOS based)- Rs 33,900/-
    2. Motorola 360 - Rs 26,499/-
    3 Fossil - Rs 18995/-
    4 Samsung Gear S3 - Rs28,000/- to Rs34,000/-
    5 LG Urbane - Rs 34,000
    And so on...

    HOW TO BUY :
    1 See what are your requirements.
    2 Check what is your budget.
    3 As per budget you need to see the Brand you want to have.
    4 Go to shop or any e-commerce website.
    5 Check for the offer.
    6 Pay for it and get it.

    1 Always check for the availability of the service center.
    2 Verify the product's warranty and its terms and condition's.

    Always remember, watch's are meant to show time. It may not be perfect in other stuff but definitely it will show you good time.

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