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    How to withdraw balance from IQ Option Trading in India?

    Have a query about IQ option trading? Looking out for details? Check this page out and get all the answers that you are looking for.

    I have had been working as a trader in IQ trading through the mobile app version. I initially invested $20 and made around $6000 in three weeks. I funded my IQ account real balance through skrill> Netteller> IQ account. Since the site doesn't support Indian debit, master or visa cards.

    After having enough knowledge about MACD and CCI which are trends and our best friend, I pondered to earn more than $100000 but putting all my money on Uptrend call. Now, I made around more than $7000 but they say, we can withdraw funds to our bank account if we have minimum 1000$. But everytime I tried to withdraw, it says the transaction has been declined by your Bank.

    Can anyone experience in IQ option trading share me how I could withdraw funds? And also, include some elucidate points about transaction fees too.
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  • I am afraid that you are talking about the demo version of the app, as the minimum amount to start investing in real time stake is 250 dollars and not 20 dollars that you have mentioned. But if at all you were able to do it then I have mentioned below the trick to withdraw money.
    As per my analysis of the app on google review I have found that the app has most number of negative ratings from Indian users and many have lost access to their app. It is also found that the money withdrawal just does not support for Indian banking systems.
    I will recommend you to link your paypal account for withdrawal from this app and check out if this works. If this does not work try contacting the developers for assistance.
    Another method is to contact a friend or agent from US who can help you transfer the money into his account and then he may pay you the money in return of accepting some charges.

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    Wrong... I funded 10$ twice from my Netteller account. I have a practice balance of $26000. I started with $1000 demo account to practise and funded my account. It's an Andriod app.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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