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    Need MNC Job; but I have arrears + experience

    Planning to take up a job in MNC? Wondering why people with experience but arrears are not recruited? On this page you can find answers to your questions.

    I have completed my B.E with 1 arrears on 2015. Currently I am working with 1+ year experience in JAVA. I am looking for a MNC jobs on JAVA sector.
    Is there any possibility to get that my dream job with my arrears? Can my experience can help to get that job ?
    Why MNC's are not allowing arrear people even they have got the knowledge ?
    I'm struggling with my 1+ year experience with 1 arrear.
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  • It is advisable to complete the degree by finishing your backlog. It is always better in long run to complete your degree for your better prospects. Why are you not completing that one paper. Take some time and complete the degree. Your experience will definitely add value. But experience with a valid degree is what all good companies including MNcs look for. Even after 5 years experience also, for you to get a job in MNC is very difficult unless otherwise you complete your backlog and get the degree. In fact some good companies will not entertain the people who have not completed the degree in one go. If even a single exam you are writing also they will not consider. So your first task will be to complete your BE

    always confident

  • Clearing your backlog is very important as to get the interview stage of their interview you will have to clear their basic requirements and also a backlog attracts the interviewer more than the subjects you are good at. It leaves a question in the mind of the interviewer which may surely be a negative point for you. So it is best advised that first you clear your backlogs and then think of applying for a MNC apart from the experience you have acquired by working in a company.

  • If you are applying to MNC as a fresher then your backlog may be taken into consideration. Having 1+ years of job experience will surely help you clear the MNC hurdle. And you'll be treated as experienced person. The more experience you have easier it is for you to get into MNC job. Make sure you're applying to some other small scale in between till you get the job in MNC. I also suggest getting some Java specific certification if you wish to increase your credentials. This can collectively improve the resume and this may help getting job in MNC.

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