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    Post Wax care and how to prevent pimples

    Have a query about post wax care? Looking out for a remedy online? You can read answers on this page and resolve your query.

    I usually tend to develop pimples on my upper arm (near my shoulders) whenever I get waxed. I tried searching it up on the internet and most of the sites recommended using a new spatula for each application. But in India, most of the parlours that I have gone to, use the same spatula for each client and then place the used spatula back into the wax container. Even if I take my own spatula with me and ask them to carry out the procedure, it may not help so much as their spatula has already filled the wax with microbes.
    What should I do in this case? Also I am thinking of buying my own wax. I have very sensitive skin.
    Which wax should I go for/buy?
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  • There are a number of methods to prevent this especially if you have sensitive skin. When waxing is done, you have to see whether there is any sort of harm or damage on your skin. The post waxing consideration will be a critical method to achieve appropriate care after the waxing is done on your skin.
    As a matter of first importance you have to check whether the time has come to plan a waxing segment. The hair development ought to be more than 1/4", if the hair shorter than that it is ideal to postpone the waxing area.

    You should moisturise the wax range frequently soon after fruition of waxing. It will be ideal in the event that you apply a cream which contains germicide properties. The regular moisturising components are aloe vera, tea tree oil and so on.
    Subsequent to waxing is done, you should exfoliate the zone no less than a few times in seven days with the goal that dead skin cells will be annihilated. Indeed, even you ought not pick a scour for the private zone which is very perfumed.
    On the off chance that you are inclined to pimples at whatever point you go for waxing, dead ocean salt will be a great solution for you in such manner. This will counteract contamination simply like other hostile to bacterial items.
    Also avoid wearing tight clothes after waxing as it may trigger the bacteria which was before protected by thin layer of your skin which you lost after waxing.
    Following the above simple steps can be really helpful.

  • Try to do waxing in your arms in your home, because the same problem is also faced by me. Otherwise you can take your own wax and spatula in the parlor. You can ask them to use the wax and spatula while doing the waxing on your skin. I also had tried it, it also costs a little less because you are carrying your own cosmetics. Ask them to do cold compress with ice or apply some ice pack on the place of waxing to avoid formation of pimples. You can also apply rose toner or Aloe Vera toner on that place immediately after the waxing.

  • There are some measures which can be useful in such situations.

    First is keeping a good hygiene which is very essential for keeping the body parts like underarms dry and clean. It is not necessary to bath daily with soap instead use natural packs like gram dal and curd. Once in 4-5 days or a week soap can be used.

    Next thing is try to find out some mild wax having low concentration of additive chemicals. One must use own cosmatics and spatula as sharing them is definitely inviting infections.

    Another thing is after waxing immediately apply some moisturising cream and do not cover the area with heavy clothing.

    Sometimes we attribute growth of pimples only to the bacteria. It is not so. Some people have sensitive skins and they are prone to this when skin is irritated. So if that is the case you have to change your habits of eating junk and oily foods to steam cooked healthy foods. If you are already concious on that front that is OK.

    Another thing is frequency of waxing. Increasing the time between two waxing events will immensely help and that is entirely under your wish and your requirement. This has to be considered.

    Knowledge is power.

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