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    Which is the best university to do B.Ed. Hindi correspondence course?

    Eager to purse a B.Ed.Hindi correspondence course? Learn from the expert responses here which is the best university in India offering such a course.

    One of my colleagues is wishing to do a B.E.D. in Hindi. She is a teacher and would like to do it by correspondence. I will appreciate if someone guide us about the university available for the said course and when registration takes place for admission to such a course.
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  • There are numerous universities from where one can persue B.Ed course namely - Mumbai University, Kota - open University, Annamalai - university, Bangalore - university, Utkal - university, IGNOU etc.
    Your colleague being a teacher in a school, it would be better for her to persue B.Ed from IGNOU because of the several advantages she may enjoy after the registration of this course. This university provides excellent book material for the uninterrupted studies and apart from it, they maintain a contact session where the aspirant can wipe out their difficulties. Moreover, this university is fully recognised by University - grant Commision and as such the degrees offered by them are well accepted in all the plateforms
    The registration of this course starts in the month of December and the application - form can be downloaded from their website by paying the requisite fee.
    However, ensure yourself that your minimum mark should be fifty percent at the graduation - level prior to registration of the said course.

  • There are many colleges as already indicated above for BEd in hindi. These colleges are more and less same standard and the syllabus is also common. In a correspondence course the students effort are more important than the institution as the institution will give the material and some guidelines and rest is taken care by the student.

    So in case of correspondence student has to do extra efforts to grasp the material and with hard work and determination clearing the examination will not be a problem.

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  • There are many universities offering BEd by correspondence and no doubt IGNOU is one good choice.
    Your colleague being a teacher should not have much difficulty in clearing BEd through correspondence. She is already having practical experience.
    Only thing which is important is after registration in the institution she should go through the syllabus thougroly and should not depend solely on the material provided by them but try to get books from local libraries so that she can prepare elaborate notes for the examination.
    Reading same thing from different sources creates a powerful grasp of the matter and it's reproduction in ones language appears outstanding and distinct.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Almost all the conventional universities of India offer B.Ed. course. However, the question has sought information about B.Ed. through correspondence. Due to various contoversial issues not required to be discussed in this platform, nowadays very few universities of India offer B.Ed. degree through correspondence.

    Out of these few universities, the correspondence B.Ed. course offered by IGNOU is unoubtedly the best considering the course content. The course is recognised. However, admission is once in a year in the month of June and is based upon qualifying the Entrance test.

    The registration process for this course starts in the month of December-January every year and the application form can be downloaded from the University website (

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