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    What is the correct way to dispose off X-rays?

    Having a collection of Xrays? Want to dispose them? On this page you can read suggestions from experts.

    We are having very old medical X-rays at home, with their reports, in files. We do not require them any more and wish to get rid of them as they are large and cumbersome, taking up too much space.
    Can you tell me the right manner to dispose off the X-rays? That is, we don't just want to cut them off and throw it in the dustbin as we do not think this is environment-friendly. Is there some procedure as such which would enable disposing them off safely and in a manner that is not bad for the environment?
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  • 1.The first immediate use of old x-ray sheets that comes to my mind is that we used them to prevent the leakage from roof in our tiled house during rains.
    2. Paste two or three (so that the xray picture does not show) and use them as sun shades in car .
    3.Cut them to shapes, if needed and paint them, fix suitable frame/ handle and use them as hand fans.
    4. Cut to suitable shapes, glue them two or more and use them as teacosters.
    5.Paste them on surfaces which are prone to damage by abrasions and dampness

  • X ray films contain silver halides which are dangerous. we can't throw them out just like that or use for any other purpose. There are many companies in almost all cities who recycle these x rays sheets. Some people purchase these used old X ray sheets and sell it to the silver recovery plants. They remove silver from X ray film by a chemical method. Once the chemical is removed the remaining is a plastic only which can be sold to plastic recycling industries. Many people will collect these sheets and sell it to the recycling people. So you try to find out a company near your place and inform them. They may come to you and purchase that films for a price.

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  • First of all X ray films can surely be recycled and if you do not know the proper place where you can get it recycled then you can simply search on net for firms that give door to door service for collecting such sheets. But the problem is that you cant simply get anything from a few sheets of X Ray films as it may contain very less amount of silver.

    So the best solution if you have only a few X ray sheets is to go to any hospital and hand them over the sheets for disposal and the rest process will be handled by the hospital.
    If you have atleast a kilo of those sheets then you can call any recycling firm and ask schedule them for collecting it from your house and you are done.

    Apart from recycling them you can also make a proper reuse of them.
    You can cut them into proper sizes and use them to spectate or observe a solar eclipse.
    You can even use them for making lamp shades and also for various art and craft activities.

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    There are companies which specialize in hospital waste management and recycling of X- Ray films. It is better to collect these items in a locality and give it to them for recycling or disposal.

    These films are coated with certain chemicals and using them in household purposes seems to be a risky thing.

    Anyway we can find out the agencies from the hospitals also and I thing the hospitals where we usually visit will not mind in disposing a small amount for us.

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  • X-Ray films are the confidential information of a patient. These can not be discarded in any fashion. In fact for disposal of hospital waste, other hazardous materials, X-Ray films etc there are certain regulations and there are licensed vendors who are authorized to do such jobs.

    It is better to get these things disposed off through such agencies. It will be difficult for an individual to get it done for such a small quantity so it can be done through a community effort in a locality or approaching the nearby hospitals and seeking their help in the matter.

    As the X- Ray films contain some harmful chemicals it is better to get rid of them through the authorised vendors rather than the scrap dealer.

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