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    Will the condition of a router affect the connectivity speed

    Wondering if a router impact internet speed? Looking out for the impact on the web? Go through this page and resolve your queries.

    I am using iball baton 150mbps wireless n router connected to BSNL WiMax connection.
    I was getting the promised speed of 512 kbps and sometimes much more earlier. Of late the connectivity has become very slow. Today when I made a speed test, it showed 2.40kbps. But sometimes I get good speed also.
    I have also a problem with WiFi router. Many times in a day while working properly the router goes off. Only the router. I had to gently knock the router to revive it. The router is about one and half years in use.
    Can the issues with the WiFi router cause the slow speed?
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  • It does sound like your router seems to have some issues. You may want to check with other router and see if the problem persists. If other router shows the same issue, then the speed given by BSNL is the culprit here. As BSNL is known to have such issues. And a lot of people are having issues with the speed with any modem being given by them. As the speed upgrades are not yet being properly taken by BSNL, I do think you should test with other modem before removing the current one and replacing it. And to answer the final question, yes Wifi router can affect the speed.

  • Routing right is the key. Setting up a network can be a burden and it seems I had have already face one recently with my Asus Wi-Fi router RT-AC68U.

    First, place the router at each spot and measure the signal strength at different locations throughout the house. Because some corners can't manage to keep connections for long. It is better to move your router to to another location and see if that help or issue still persists. If you found some difference and nothing significant then higher power router would do the job done.

    Second, a high transmit power would certainty make the signal prominent based on your region to transmit more power than the alloted thresholds. It is clear now that the suggestions is to get high antenna which are directional. Since the first step above, requires a lot of searching and wouldn't be the effort.

    Third, some conditions has to be meet which are tabulated below.

    1. Budget friendky
    2. Removable antenna
    3. ADSL Support
    4. 802.21n support
    5. High gain antenna ranges from N600DB and TW-W8968

    The TW-W8968 is better as compared any other high speed router. If this doesn't work, get 10MS long wire cable, hook the router up and remove one of the antenna. Attach the cable to the router, and wire the router outside the house and drop into the computer room with the antenna attached to it.

    This will cost 6K and above for the first installation. You will not only get good and stable signal strength inside home but outside too throughout your home.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • Router placement is very important. The way in which you have described the problem, I feel there is a problem either with your router or with the modem. Initially In my house I was having a BSNL wifi connection. The speed is half of what they promised. With a new router also I faced the similar problem. Then I discontinued BSNL and gone ATC fiber(Beam) connection. Here the speed is good. But the placement of router is very important. When I kepi it in a corner, I observed the other corner the signal strength was less. I tried 2 to 3 places and finally I fixed at a place. I am using this connection almost from almost 2 to 3 years. Problem may be with BSNL connection. Get it corrected by the officials and then you can think of router.

    always confident

  • Your router is definitely gonna affect your net speed depending on several factors. With cell phones, tablet PCs, Internet-empowered machines, and all the more all going after a similar home Internet association, the poor old router must work harder than at any other time. This is particularly genuine considering all the video spilling or web based gaming that happens in the normal 21st Century family unit.
    In the event that your Internet speed tests low, attach a PC specifically to your Internet modem, bypassing the switch. Run a snappy HTML5 speed test to check your Internet association tests as quick as it should. Luckily a snappy reset of your router may clear the issue.
    More current double band switches bolster the 5 GHz transporter recurrence notwithstanding the standard 2.4 GHz. In the event that your family unit does a great deal of video spilling, the 5 GHz flag may be the approach for the most ideal gushing execution. The 5 GHz handles impedance better which may be essential on the off chance that you are in a flat mind boggling or a condominium.
    Numerous higher-end switches even enable you to run both groups at the same time, so you can utilize the 5 GHz band for rich media spilling and the 2.4 GHz band for essential email and Internet perusing.
    At last, knowing how to test your Internet speed both with and without the router is an extraordinary approach to help analyze any data transfer capacity issues before they antagonistically affect your gushing knowledge.

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