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    I want to know my dream interpretation as I dream a lot

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    Last night I dreamt that my family is attending a funeral of a girl, who in reality died a few days back.
    There we received (from the decedent's family) Lord Ganesha's big purple color idol. Excited my mom brought that home.
    What does that mean?
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  • It looks like two subconscious concepts collided here in this dream. First one the incident of the funeral has made it's place inside your subconscious. And the idol found is another sign that you are expecting some blessing or miracle. I think this is your subconscious mind tell you that things are going to be okay. And you have to be patient and be positive on things around you. As one extreme concept and another blessing concept. It seems to me that your subconscious mind can see through sad events. Which is again a good sign as well. As for religious interpretation, this looks like a good sign from ganesha.

  • Purple is always identified with royalty and composure. Lord Ganesha is an obstacle remover.
    So the chances are that the deceased girl has something to do with your fortune. Seeing that Ganesha was gifted to you, looks like problems in your near future are eminent. But you shall surpass with flying colors.
    Your dream defies all logic. But I think it is trying to interpret something important.
    Maybe the dead girl's family owe you something.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • Dreams are illusions only. They are not indications of any thing. But generally people believe they will indicate some secrets. People believe that the dreams will get realised. If it is just before the sun set it will happen very soon is somebody's belief.

    You might have attended the funeral. You might have some thoughts about that girl in your subconscious mind. While you are going to sleep you may be thinking about that incident.So you got a dream on that issue. Seeing God's Idol is a good omen.

    always confident

  • Dreams are the reflections of the subconscious mind. One can dream a lot of things in the same dream sequence and many times there will be a jump from one satire to another. Interestingly we sometimes dream sequence which are more of a phantasy then the normal dream sequence.

    A healthy person gets good sleep but his mind is still working. There is tremendous memory storage in the mind and sometimes those things which we do not recollect while awake also are presented nicely in a dream.

    People claim to interpret dream sequences and psychologists are supposed to be good in that but it is really difficult to get some conclusive interpretation as it changes from one interpreter to another.

    Dreams could be good or bad depending upon the state of subconscious mind. Most of the times people forget them quickly as the awakened state takes control and wipes them or push them back deep in the memory.

    It is interesting to try to interpret dreams but different people may perceive different meanings.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Just like a poem gets interpretations by critics,meanings and explanations that even the poet has not imagined dreams also can be interpreted. We usual do not bother about 'sweet dreams'. We may even feel happy and confident after seeing such happy and sweet drams. But when we see some dreams which have some negative scenes or indications, then w start feeling bothered about that and our mind becomes disturbed.

    A very confident person never bothers about dreams. Dreams occur when you do not have deep and sound sleep. It has t be taken just as that. If we start giving symbolism and indicative value to dreams then there is no end to that. A disturbed mind is more prone to have dreams.

    Your dream referred above does not indicate anything special. It is a combination or collage of some random thoughts and scenes made by your subconscious m ind by drawing some random scenes in your normal life. It is like fragmented scenes and thoughts in our mind. As of now we do not have a defragmentation tool for our mind, such randoms may come and even recur. Just ignore them as such.

    In case you really feel sacred or worried, just visit a nearby Ganesha temple and pray by submitting any offering you can afford and available there. That will give you a peace of mind and confidence.

  • Well dreams are the rerun of activities that are already gone through by us in the recent past or having the same thought of it, Please remember though we give rest to the body after the hectic work, our mind wont sleep. It has the tendency of roaming into the reality world. fictitious world. space, outer world and even interacting with Gods of our choice and belief. Sometimes we get amused and stunned with varied dreams which wont occur in real life. Only for the purpose of enjoyment and cherishing such rare happenings we may remember such weird dreams for a while. Not all dreams would become the reality. But before going to bed just analyze the good things done during the day and pray the God for the good day. That kind of positive thinking would also bring in good dreams which may even helpful to establish the future requirement.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • First and foremost, I would like to state that dream interpretation is not fully scientific. Although it is stated that there is a co-relation between dream and our sub-conscious mind, but it has not been definitely established.

    In the present case, I feel that you ha been thinking about the death of that girl, so the funeral came to your mind. At the same time, Lord Ganesha gives us 'riddhi' and 'siddhi'. So, Lord Ganesha came to your dream. I can't comment upon the connection between these two events.

    However, I would advise you not to think about dreams too much. Start taking light and less spicy food at night and go for an after-dinner walk before hitting the bed.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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