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    Teaching career after Masters in Engineering

    Interested in a career in teaching? Looking out for options after Master's in Engineering? Here, on this page read the guidance from experts and get a direction to yuor future plan.

    I have recently done my masters (M.E.) in Chemical Engineering and now want to work as a lecturer in some College. However the problem is that my graduation was on Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology. Though I have cracked the GATE exam in Mechanical Engineering but still I am facing hardships because of this duel branch issues.
    Can you suggest me what should be my next step so that I can walk to a better career?
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  • What is your favourite subject. mechanical or chemical. Best option is to get admitted to Ph.D programme. You can join either in mechanical engineering or chemical engineering as per your preference . Catch hold of a professor from your university and get a fellowship. Now a days fellowship amounts are very lucrative and as you are interested in your teaching line Ph.D will help you in getting lecturer post in a good university once you finish your doctorate. There may be some colleges who are offering lecturer post for chemical engineering post graduates with good salary. They won't bother about your subject in graduation. You can join there and work for your doctorate while working. These are the two options coming to my mind. You can choose the best one, But if you want excel in your teaching profession, doctorate degree is a must. Keep this in mind when you take a decision.

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  • It is really strange that you graduated from mechanical stream and post graduated in chemical stream.
    The recent qualification is always preferred in professional matters and in your case; it is chemical. The reason behind this is the employer think that your knowledge is up to date in that stream.
    Your GATE score in mechanical engineering branch is not considered for teaching eligibility by most of the reputed institutes. By this score, you can try to register yourself for PhD in mechanical and then join teaching assistant ship side by side. Many PhD scholars choose this option to earn as well as experience.
    After completion of PhD in mechanical, you will be having higher degree and experience to get great career ahead on teaching.


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  • You can get into teaching engineer students. You can pick up the tutoring subjects of your choice. And then sign up to urban clap type of websites. And then from there you can see that you can build your portfolio as a teacher or professor. You may have to give the exams in case if you choose to teach for some engineering college or university. Private tuition can be one good option in that case.

    Alternatively you can also get into the field of masters or graduation depending on how you wish to work in the field. I have seen some of the mechanical engineers are going to be getting into many other diverse roles. You have to find out what works for you and then switch accordingly.

  • If you are facing issue due to dual branch course, you can go for Ph.D. Nowadays most of the colleges require candidates with doctorate qualifications. It may go minimum of 3 to 5 years to complete depends on your University, guide, etc. Hence you can do Ph.D in full time, that will help you to fetch a job in a best Engineering College with good salary package.

    Also with this qualification, you can apply for guest lecture or visiting professor in a college and that too will yield a good salary.

  • It is quite astonishing that you did M.E in Chemical Engineering after doing B.E in Mechanical Engineering. This is the precise reason for difficulty in getting Faculty position. However, my advice would be:-

    (i) At the first instance, start your teaching career in Polytechnic college. I believe that you can opt for any of the two branches in Polytechnic.
    (ii) After joining a Polytechnic college as a Lecturer, enrol yourself for PhD in any specialisation of Chemical Engineering. You can also avail Study Leave for this purpose.
    (iii) After completion of PhD, apply for faculty position in any full-fledged Engineering College.

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  • What I would advise you is that you join teaching in the area of you Post Graduation. After joining some polytechnic college clear UGC NET in chemical engineering and take admission into PhD. Whenever you will apply for any job your highest qualification is seen.

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