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    How to prevent and overcome "cardiac diseases"

    Have a query about cardiac diseases? Want to know the details of precautions and diet? On this Ask Expert page, read advice provided and resolve your doubts.

    How can a normal person take precautions for preventing cardiac diseases by their diet or by others, like doing some work? What conditions are helpful for a cardiac patient to follow that way of lifestyle for a healthy life?
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  • For a healthy heart we require fats in our eating regimen, including immersed and polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats. One fat we don't require is trans fat, which is known to build your danger of creating coronary illness or having a stroke over a lifetime.

    This is on the grounds that trans fat obstructs your veins by raising your awful cholesterol levels (LDL) and bringing down your great cholesterol levels (HDL). By cutting them from your eating routine, you enhance the blood stream all through your body. Things being what they are, what are trans fats? They are industry-created fats frequently utilized as a part of bundled prepared merchandise, nibble substances , margarines and fricasseed quick nourishments to include flavour and surface.

    Dental wellbeing is a decent sign of general wellbeing, including your heart, in light of the fact that the individuals who have periodontal (gum) malady regularly have a similar hazard variables for coronary illness. Studies proceed on this issue, yet many have demonstrated that microscopic organisms in the mouth required in the advancement of gum ailment can move into the circulation system and cause a rise in C-receptive protein, a marker for irritation in the veins. These progressions may thusly, increment your danger of coronary illness and stroke.

    Sleep is a basic piece of keeping your heart solid. In the event that you don't rest enough, you might be at a higher hazard for cardiovascular sickness regardless of your age or other wellbeing propensities. One investigation taking a gander at 3,000 grown-ups beyond 45 years old found that the individuals who dozed less than six hours for every night were about twice as liable to have a stroke or heart assault as individuals who dozed six to eight hours for every night. Specialists think resting too little causes interruptions in basic wellbeing conditions and organic procedures, including circulatory strain and irritation.

    Experts say it's vital to move for the duration of the day. Stop more remote far from the workplace, take a couple of shorter strolls for the duration of the day or potentially utilize a standing work station so you can climb and down. Furthermore, make sure to practice on generally days.

    Also, nonsmokers who have hypertension or high blood cholesterol have a significantly more serious danger of creating coronary illness when they're presented to used smoke. This is on the grounds that the chemicals radiated from tobacco smoke advance the improvement of plaque development in the veins. So stay away from any form of smoke.

    So to sum I would say having good sleep, dental hygiene, daily exercise, and staying away from addictive bad habits can help you maintain a healthy heart.

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    First i want to tell you about the diseases under cardivascular diseases- Hypertension, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, arrhythmias and valvular heart disease, coagulopathies and stroke.
    Then i want you tell about the foods that prevent the cardiac diseases::(1)salmon fish(anti coagulation effect)
    (2)walnuts (which has good fats)
    (3)Black grapes&white grapes
    (4)butter from nuts like almond
    (5)olive oil
    (6)dark chocolates

    And next to the food ,by having a good habit of doing meditation & exercises daily we can prevent cardiac diseases.
    Especially for cardiac diseased patients they don't have to under go any depression or excitement or any stress during which their heart beat raises rapidly and heart unfortunately may stop due to different reasons.
    I suggest you to check the level of that disease in a well doing hospital for better result immediately.

  • Do exercise regularly. Walking or jogging will be best for atleast 20 minutes daily either during morning or evening. The best time to do exercise is during early morning so that you will get pure air without pollution and a calm atmosphere.

    Meditation will help you for calm mind. Avoid angry, jealous which will make your mind restless. So meditation will help you to calm your mind. If you do meditation with a background melody music that will help you more.
    Better consult a physician or your family doctor before doing exercise.

    So start doing exercise and meditation and you can prevent cardiac disease but also you will be fit and healthy.

  • Many studies and tesearch have revealed that the person who take lot of junk foods, have loss of sleep, take very less of fresh fruits and vegetables, do not exercise, regularly smoke, do not keep good dental huygiene,take excess salt in food, do not take nuts and seeds, take red meat, do not take fish etc have a greater chance of heart related diseases.

    So basically it is a problem of dietary habits and life style and bad lifestyle has an adverse affect on heart.

    People who are exposed to a smoking atmosphere are also at danger as they do not smoke but inhale a lot of smoke as a passive smoker.

    Consumption of seafood, polyunsaturated fats, whole grains, low salt preparations and nuts and seed along with regular exercises are the preventive measures for cardiovascular diseases.

    Remember that long and exertive exercises also adversely affect the heart so these are also to be done in a controlled manner.

    In essence a complete lifestyle change may be required to avoid the heart ailments.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Person who suffers from cardiac diseases/ heart attack needs to take proper precautions in his rest of the life to avoid repetition of that. This includes the proper diet and regular exercise.

    There are some useful information available on ISC which is posted by fellow members. You can refer these resources/ answers to get more information on your query.

    Reference 1- Diet for patients with heart attack
    Reference 2- Best Nutritious diet for heart & Diabetic patients

  • Cardiac - disease results from a number of factors such as stress, improper sleep and indulgence with such diets having excess oil and spice. Moreover we are in habit of taking junk - foods available in the market. In case, we undertake certain measures, we can prevent the cardiac disease-
    1) We must make a habit of taking of two buds of Garlic early in the morning along with Luke warm - water on daily - basis so as to make the blood less viscous and Garlic would take care of healthy cholesterol.
    2) Junk - foods are to be avoided at all the costs. Similarly excess oily and spicy foods are to be avoided.
    3) We should include Apples, Grapes and oranges and Lemon so as to compensate the vitamins and other antioxidants. A little amount of Almond and Walnuts would strengthen the walls of the heart.
    4) Abundant sleep for at least eight hour is required for smooth functioning of the heart. We should desist from stress.
    5) Indulgence with Alcohol, Gutka, Khaini would invite dreaded diseases such as Cancer, Hypertension and heart disease. Hence we need to refrain from such items.
    6) Yoga, Meditation and Laughing - exercises must be included in our routine - life so as to manage stress - level.
    7) Physical - exercise for an hour regularly would shed excess Cholesterol and Transfat and thus we can make our heart healthy.

  • Many have already given enough answers on this. To add little bit here, try to avoid or reduce Fat items (including like mayonnaise, rich cheese and on.) and oily items as well.

    The best prevention of the heart / cardiac issue is from a Dates (called Ajwa) with its seed mixture paste consumption of one spoon in the early morning daily helps to prevent or avoid or overcome from cardiac related matter, the dates is already expensive though. The one who face such issue can try it.

    The lemon juice helps but it may raise issue for the diabetes person, so, without sugar, lemon juice can be taken for cardiac prevention.

  • Cardiac disease mainly affect the person who have smoking habits, consuming high cholesterol food and also hypertension person. Risk is higher in sedentary lifestyle people due to lack of physical activities.
    There is a simple ways which we can follow to overcome the cardiac disease:
    - We have to maintain the body weight for this we can do simple physical activities.
    - We can consume antioxidant rich food and vitamin E rich food so this will protect from cardiac disease.
    - We should consume low cholesterol food please avoid bakery items.
    - We can consume low fat milk.
    - Consume raw fruits avoid juices, so this will give more fibre. Use brown rice than white rice generally it is good for health.

    Tamil Udhaya.

  • Cardiac disease: It is a Heart and blood vessel disease. If the flow of blood is blocked in your body you will get a heart attack.
    Another Type of Cardiac Disease is Heart Failure, Heart rate is less than 60 beats/min, Heart valve problem.

    To Prevent Cardiac Disease:

    1. Take care of your Health
    2. Don't Smoke or try to avoid Smoking.
    3.Maintain the BP in Normal
    4. Monitor your cholesterol
    5. Exercise and Meditation are more important. It will help you to reduce your stress.

    Food to consume for Cardiac Disease:

    1. You can prefer the sea foods.
    2. Eat low-fat food.
    3. Consume green leafs and pulses.
    4. Eat Nuts and Fruits.

    Food to avoid:

    1. Avoid the salt.
    2. Canned food.
    3. Restaurant foods.
    4. Avoid Tomatoes/ Fried Chicken etc.
    5. Avoid cold items (Ice cream)

  • Usually cardiac arrest attack is due to less flow of blood to the veins. The reason for less flow of blood is because of blocks in the veins. When sufficient blood is not supplied to the heart there are lot of chances to have a cardiac arrest attack. To prevent from cardiac arrest attack
    1) After 40 its always better to have yearly checkup.
    2) Walking in the morning is always good.
    3) Regular exercise.
    4) Always eat less oily food especially stuff foods.
    5) Maintain your weight as per your height.
    6) Be away from all bad habits like smoking, drinking etc.
    7) Don't be tensed for every small matter.
    8) Consume lot of leafy vegetables which always helps to melt excess cholesterol in our body.
    These are the minimal steps to taken to prevent from cardiac attack.

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