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    Query about College refusing to give transfer certificate

    Want to change college in SY BSc? Wondering how to get transfer Certificate? On this page you can check out answers to your query.

    I am studying in SY. BSc in KKW College of Pune University. In that college there is no specialisation for Maths in 3rd year. I want to take admission for Maths. So I have to change the college. I want the college to give me TC. But they are refusing it and saying that you should know early in FY that here is no Maths. I want my TC. Can you provide guidance?
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  • How they can refuse to give you transfer certificate? My cousin changed in 2nd year of BA from Nagarjuna University to Andhra University. They have given the TC. later on we have taken migration certificate. There may be some other reason. They may be expecting you to pay fees for the remaining period. Did you talk to the Principal. Please tell them that we are shifting from this place as my father got transferred to other place or something like that . You may have to put some pressure on them. Basing on your circle there you may have to ask some big personality in your area to help you. Otherwise lodge a complaint to University.

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  • Hi,
    It is not clear from your letter that you are changing only your college or both the college and university. However it is the college authority should give you the TC as it is your right. Put pressure on them so that they issue a TC for you. Do not request them only verbally, but write an application in proper manner and give it to them by taking a receive copy so that they can not deny it in future.
    If you are changing only your college then TC is ok, but if you are changing your university also then you need a migration certificate also which you can get from university office by paying a fee.

  • If it is a Government College, you can seek information for not granting Transfer Certificate (TC) by filing an RTI application.
    If KKW College is a private College under Pune University, you can file an RTI to the University, which is under the Government.
    I would suggest you to meet the Principal of the college with your guardian, submit a written request for TC and get written reply. The Principal would not be able to normally decline to give TC in writing. Even if he/she does, you can take further necessary action accordingly.

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