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    How to avail PF?

    Have a query about availing PF? Searching for the procedure on the web? Here, on this page you can read suggestions from experts.

    I left my previous organisation in Jan- 2017. While doing exit formalities I had also submitted PF form in that company.

    What is the procedure to avail that PF amount? How to check the current progress related to PF withdrawal?
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  • You have apply through your last employer for withdrawing your PF amount. You have to submit a copy of your PAN card and Aadhaar card along with application. If you have PF contribution from more than one Organisation you have to give an additional certificate signed by you and your last employer. This application will go to PF office. They will verify the application and accept it if there are no problems. Otherwise they will return it back with stating the requirement. Once they accept your application they will do all necessary work and in 15 days they will see that it is approved. Once it is approved they will see that the money will be deposited in your bank account within 15days.

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  • In case you feel that your previous employer organisation is not helping you, you may visit the nearest office of the Regional PF commissioner. You may give them the details of your PF a/c number and name ,employer details, deduction details etc. You can confirm whether the amount deducted from you and employer's contribution has been accounted update (till your last salary drawn with that employer). From them you can know when you will get the payment and what is the cause for delay if any.

  • Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) scheme rules have been recently changed. Now you can withdraw money from your EPF only if you want to buy a house, pay home loan EMIs, etc.

    To make withdrawal from EPF, you need to fill the new Composite Claim Form. Those subscribers who have an Aadhar number, bank account details available on the Universal Account Number (UAN) Portal and have an active UAN, can submit the form directly to the concerned EPFO office, without attestation of claim form by the employer.

    The best part is that now harrassment from employer/ex-employer can be avoided.

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