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    Which books are very good to improve English ?

    Interested in improving English? Wondering which books to read or refer? Here, you can check out the list of books provided experts.

    I want to know which books are very good to improve English? How to start with it?
    Which are the novel type books for improvement of English grammar? Which are the best books for all purpose? Which are foreign author's books can be used for this purpose?
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  • First, start with grammar book and dictionary. Most dictionary offers hard difinations which are difficult to understand for new learners. It is better to go through the glossary section, and Vocubalary section to understand the usage of phrases and correct sentence building. A handy dictionary with easy to understand words and sentences are highly recommended.

    Start with Comics, newspapers, books and kids stories. Be an avid reader and try to write notes in your dairy. This guides really helps and will certainly increase ones English considerably well to write and communicate.

    Novels written by Shakespeare are the best to learn new things and improve your English.

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  • For improving English some of the best books are authored by Norman Lewis which varies in accordance to the need of the reader ranging from grammar, vocabulary building and even to speed up reading and communicating skills.
    You can easily find these books in nearby stationary or you can buy them online through various shopping websites like Amazon, eBay e.t.c
    And for grammar -high school grammar is one of the most preferred book by various schools and teachers, but if you also want to focus on your vocabulary you should definitely read books by Norman Lewis.
    And best thing to enhance skills in English is to read and read as much as possible for starters you can start with magazines and newspaper which will not only enhance your English skills but general knowledge as well as such as - competition success review, Prtiyogita darpan e.t.c

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  • IELTS, TOFEL exam books are good enough for you to guide on what you need to learn. I have found that using the Cambridge English books for correcting yourself on sentence structure can be useful.

    1. Wren and Martin High school garmmar.
    2. The Chicago Manual of Style
    3. Word Power
    4. On Writing

    Do note that as English is not our mother tongue, we constantly have to make use of the language and present our own self the right way. There simply no end to perfect English. If not used, you won't be able to get control over the language. I think many of us have found that improving the English is possible by watching Hollywood movies,reading lot of English literature and writing about it. Apart from this academic approach to grammar and stuff also matters. But as long as you can construct the sentence fine, it'd be workable solution.

  • My suggestion is purchase one or two standard English newspapers daily like The Hindu. times of India. keep a dictionary with you. Read all the important items like editorial, and other general topics thoroughly and understand. If any unknown word is there see the dictionary and try to make 2 or 3 sentences using that word. This will definitely improve your vocabulary. Once you are comfortable take a standard grammar book like Wren and Martin. Try to understand the grammar. Start writing. Small small sentences and try to speak in English as much as possible. If you still have time read good novels.

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  • Hi,
    Very interesting question indeed. You have asked for books. But in my opinion try to read at least two English daily news papers. Read it thoroughly, if needed you can take help from dictionary.
    Try to speak English in your home or in your friend circle in small sentences. Do not translate the sentence from your mother tongue to English directly. Try to use small sentences in beginning. Practice your English speaking skill daily in front of a mirror for perfection.

  • You were asking for novel suggestions right? Oscar Wilde's books have a very good vocabulary and an immensely interesting storyline too.
    "The picture of Dorian Grey" is one of my favorites. It's written in simple yet effective english.
    Then my all time favorite. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.It's language is complicated and professional.
    These authors will lead you to an improvement in your vocabulary.

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  • There are many suggestion already given by members and I want to add that after going through some of the above grammer books you get some story books for children specially those which are abridged for reading for children like Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, Stories by Adgar Alan Poe, Gullivers tale etc. The abridged edition of these books is very enjoyable as well as helps in quick learning of English.

    Another thing is whenever you are reading newspaper or some english book please keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy so you can see the new word there without wasting time. If you have a smart phone and internet connection you can very well see in your mobile also. If you install offline dictionaries in your mobile then you can see the required word offline also without bothering for net.
    Thesaurus is helpful in seeing many synonyms for a word at one place.

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  • For grammar you can use book by Wren and Martin.
    Word power made easy by Norman Lewis is great for vocabulary enhancement.
    For dictionary I would recommend Merium Webster online dictionary.
    And don't forget to grab a story book, a novel of your favourite genre and finish it with interest and do check the dictionary when you encounter a new word. If you like reading newspaper then do read it daily.
    Other than just books and newspaper watching English movies with subtitles can also be of immense help. You may try If you like watching movies.
    Make sure that you are interested in whatever you read or watch. Interest matters alot.

  • If any book that useful for improve English first you learn dictionary and to increases your knowledge is good or extraordinary. But there are some very interesting books that you should give them a try this novels

    The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame
    Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
    RSVP (Four books set)
    English Comprehension by Tata McGraw Hill
    And finally Oxford advanced learners dictionary and Oxford Thesaurus

    I hope it helps and you can read any Book or Novel according to your Interest every book has Something new in it, but if you want to improve your English or Vocabulary then just follow one thing in daily routine from Starting of your day till the time of your sleep know each and every thing you do in your entire day in English. This will surely make you in flow with auto update of Vocabulary.

  • To improve English you should have a good grip over basic rules of grammar. You also need to have a good vocabulary backup. I would suggest you to work over basics like Tense, Voice, Narration and Conditionals because almost all the sentences are formed according to their structure and rules. So, first you should start with some entry level books like Junior Perfect English Grammar which is a very good book for mastering the basics of translation. Because we Indian first think a sentence in Hindi and then translate it in English. So, its necessary to master translation of different types of sentence from Hindi to English.
    Next try to increase your vocab storage. The more word you have in your quiver, easier will be for you to understand and decode English sentences. Reading News papers, Novels or reading articles over internet can be of great help to understand different kind of sentence formation and usage of words. Develop a habit of reading to improve your English.
    As far as books are concerned then start with some entry level books as I stated before. You can also take the help of Lucent's English Grammar book. Once you feel confident in these two books then you can move on to some advance book as suggested by other members.

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