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    Rules for change of names of heritage properties

    Want to know more about heritage properties? Looking out for laws on the web? Browse through the answers on this page and get resolution to your doubts.

    What is the rule as per law of India to change the name of a heritage property located in a state after being bought by an individual?
    Can it be changed without the approval of Union Government of India?
    In what case can a heritage property bough by an individual be restricted for private ownership?
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  • Heritage is the identity of every respective state and they are putting considerable efforts to preserve and protect their centuries old rich heritage. India is one of the countries possessing rich cultural and natural heritage.The preservation of historical structures has to have an objective of safeguarding national cultural identity various policies and laws are framed for preservation, protection and proper management of the cultural heritage at the state and central level in India.It is pertinent to note that many of us are not aware of the legislation and legal framework States are obliged under Article 49 of the Indian Constitution to protect monuments and places and objects of national importance.

    UNESCO adopted convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and National Heritage on November 16, 1972. It is also called World Heritage Convention. India is also party of this convention.

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