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    Is BSc with Computer Science subject equal to O level certificate

    Want to know the equivalence of BSc CS and O level? Wondering if both are equivalent? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can get answers to your questions.

    Is BSc with Computer Science subject equal to O level certificate or BCA? I have done BSc with Computer Science subject and have read Math. I have recently applied for a job which needs BSc CS degree but I have degree with subject Computer Science. Am I eligible for job?
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  • BSC. computer, BSC. IT and BCS, BCA are considered as equal to the O level certificate. And this way you can apply for some of the specific government jobs. You can also give the DOEACC exams if you are applying for some of the research and govt specific projects. As those projects require you to give the DOEACC exams before applying. At current stage you are eligible for both government and the private companies. As your graduation alone suffice for the entry level jobs.

  • B.Sc with computer science as one of the subjects is equal to the O level Certificate. You can apply for all the jobs where they are asking O level certificate. You can apply to Government as well as private jobs. You are eligibile to apply for posts where they are asking B.Sc CS qualification.

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  • O level certificate provided by the DOEACC society are of six month - duration and later an aspirant can join A level course meant for acquiring the different tools related to computer and may be considered as advanced - diploma. The duration of such course is one year.
    Since B.Sc in Compuer - science is a three year degree course where the aspirant acquires knowledge in the computer - field along with other two subjects such as Physics and Mathematics, it cannot be redesignated as O level. This degree is assigned to A level because of the same being a three year course.

  • O level certification (which is a foundation level course) is either given by the DOEACC or any institution accredited by them. You have to check whether your institute is accredit by them or not. If not you may have to do the 1 year course to have O level certification.

    DOEACC is now known as NIELIT and you can find more details of its other certification which are A, B and C levels by going to its site

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