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    What should I choose after BTech in ECE: MTech or MBA?

    Confused between MTech and MBA after BTech? Looking out for which course is better? On this page you can check out advice from experts.

    I am a 3rd year BTech student of ECE. I don't want to do job after BTech. I am confused between MTech or MBA. I also want to know job opportunities for both. What about PSU?
    I would like to know fee structures in IIT and IIM.
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  • I think you have to check where your inclination goes. If you want to get into management roles then MBA sounds like a good option. But if you like MBA roles then going through the MTech is more good option. You can also check MS abroad and see if that can be your future inclination. Nobody can tell you inclination which you can take yourself. Job opportunities exists for both Mtech and MBA. So it's more of a matter of inclination instead of confusion between two.

    As for IIT and IIM those fee structure may revise after the GST as the system is likely to improve on the tax structure for the autonomous and private colleges. Wait for one more month for the changes in that fee structure in between you can check out the current fee structure of IIT and IIM through online website by googling.

  • If you want to have a job in PSU or any other industry, my opinion is you should opt for MBA. If you want to pursue teaching profession then you should prefer M.Tech. The choice is yours. Graduate Engineer with a MBA will have very good chances of becoming leaders in industry. Your MBA should be from a good institute. Otherwise MBA has no value. Doing M.Tech and joining in industry will not have much additional chances from B.Tech, After graduation or post graduation in engineering your experience counts more than your qualification. Decide your interest and basin on that decide on the course.

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  • If you want to go for PSU, you will have to prepare for entrance exam and/or interview. There is a lot of rush for the PSUs and even after MTech or MBA you will have to appear for same exam.

    Mainly it is the aptitude which makes you more serious for a particular career. If you want a technical job you can search even after BTech itself. If you are inclined to a white collar administrative job then MBA may be a good choice. You have to weigh your financial sources also agaist your going for MTech or MBA.

    If you have interst in general subjects and inspite of being an engineering student have a nack for humanities or social sciences you can consider appearing in exams of much coveted services like IAS etc also.

    For teaching line you have to concentrate in pure academics of your line and try for the best possible score because in teaching line the academic score counts a lot. Moreover you should have a liking for that type of job.

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  • I have read the question in details. You have stated that you don't want to 'do job' after B. Tech. Then what do you want to do? Are you planning to join faculty position? If this is the case, then you have to go for M.Tech in your specialisation, i.e., ECE.

    On the other hand, MBA degree gives you managerial capability, which helps in the coporate world. MBA degree is almost essential for career progress in the corporate world or in PSU.

    I feel that you don't have done any career planning. It is totally upto your future planning and academic inclination to decide which course is suitable for you-M.Tech or MBA.

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