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    What is a study break certificate and why is it asked? Is it mandatory?

    Interested in knowing the difference between study break and migration certificates? Looking out for this information? Find responses from experts here.

    What is a study break certificate and why is it asked by colleges? Is it mandatory?
    Why such law is enforced?
    What are the requirements for getting a study break certificate?
    Which office issues study break certificate?
    Is Migration Certificate same as study break certificate?
    Can Migration Certificate be used instead of study break certificate?
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  • Study break certificate is a new subject for me. Probably you yourselves may have to give it when you are applying for further studies. So far no where this is asked for? It is not mandatory. i also had a break of one year after completing my graduation before joining post graduation nobody asked me. You can declare yourself if someone wants. No office gives this certificate. Migration certificate is required if you are migrating from one university to other university. This will be given by University where you have studied. Migration certificate can't be used in place of study break certificate. You have to make a declaration as per the format of the particular university. Better you approach your college or school and get it clarified

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  • When students join a course of study after a gap of one year and more, some institutions or universities ask for a declaration or affidavit that the student has not joined any institution for study during the period of gap and the duration was just a gap or break. The affidavit needs to be executed on a stamp paper of Rs 100/-. If such a certificate (affidavit/declaration) is needed that may be given in the brochure or the detailed information leaflet by the institution.

    Even if required it is not a very difficult one.If the format is not provided by the institution,Notaries and experienced advocates can make such an affidavit and help you. The wordings are simple declarations that you have not joined for any course after the previous qualifying course and till joining the new course. The affidavit needs your name, year of leaving the last qualifying exam and the period till date of admission/application to the new course.

  • Study break certificate or the gap certificate are used in context where govt institution or organization wants to know about the educational gap and you were not doing any other degree or course through govt in such case. Also in some context this is to prove that you have educational gap for which you choose to pursue some specific action. Many institutes require such certificate for various other reasons. So depending on local requirement such certificates are issued by nearby talathi office. There are also grahak seva kendra who are issuing these certificate with collector affidavit. Often the format is not provided so you may have to work with what they were asking.

    Clarification regarding tahsildar's authority: Students who have caste certificate and scholarship often need attestation from tahsildar for the verification on the gap certificate. It has been observed among students with caste who had gap year in engineering and medical.

  • If you are applying for higher education or job you have to give your biodata in which every thing is to be given sequentially. Now there may be a year which may be looking extra time not justified with your engagements. If authorities ask for clarification the usual answer is drop out from college for a year or appear in exam after a complete gap of a year.

    Just to find out that you have not given some other exam and a possibility of swapping your latest results with earlier one this precautionary measure is adopted by institutions.

    Recently in one forum thread in ISC someone has asked that he has done intermediate twice ( naturally the score in II attempt was better than I in his case) with different scores and how to then proceed ahead.

    You can see that thread at -
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  • 1. When a student joins a course after a gap of more than one year, some educational institutions seek declaration to the effect that the student did not join any other course/has been attening any other course.
    2. It may be noted that the declaration/certificate is required to be given by the student himself/herself, and not by any institution.
    3. No, Migration Certificate is different. Migration means change of University. It may be on completion of a course or without completing/discontinuing a course.
    4. Migration Certificate cannot substitute Study Break Declaration. Migration Certificate is issued by a University, whereas Study Break Declaration is a self-declaration by the student.

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  • For the first question the answer is if you have gap in your educational career it is needed. Some college or universities may ask for Study Break certificate from you if you have a gap of more than one year.
    It is basically intended because of knowing that the student is not doing any other regular course in the same time span or not. Because in the same educational year you can not do two or more than degree courses simultaneously.
    Study Break certificate does not issued by any office. It is basically a self declaration by the concerned student. You can also use a stamp paper or affidavit by declaring about the reason of the gap in your educational career which will be treated as Study Break Certificate.
    No, migration certificate and study break certificate is different. Suppose if you have done graduation from one university and seeks admission in other university for your masters then you need migration certificate from the previous university.
    No, Migration Certificate can not be used for Study Break certificate.

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