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    What are symptoms of being pregnant ?

    Have a query about pregnancy? Searching for symptoms of pregnancy? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read the responses and understand the symptoms.

    For woman it is very important knowing if she could be pregnant. Before her periods what are different symptoms of being pregnant ? There are many but and if things goes in woman's mind for knowing if she is pregnant before period. Lets assume 10 days before periods what indicates that she might be pregnant ?
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  • Traditional symptoms:
    1. Fatigue
    2. Tender and swollen breasts
    3. slight bleeding and cramping
    4. Mood swings
    5. nausea
    6. cravings
    7. constipation
    8. headaches
    9. missed periods

    But these symptoms aren't unique for pregnancy. So always take a pregnancy test. And make sure you visit the doctor too. Go with your intuition. Most of the times gut feeling's usually right.

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  • There are many general symptoms as already enumerated above but they are not confirmatory. The most convincing out of them is missed periods.

    Anyway the correct thing to do is to go to a qualified gynecologist and proceed as per the advice.

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  • The question is about the early symptoms before the missing of the period which is the main signal and for further confirmation tests.
    However the early symptoms are only felt by the woman herself and not visible significantly t others. The one that most women feel is the feeling of heaviness and tenderness of breasts. If the young woman shares this observation to experienced elder women, they may be able to give idea and guide the woman. Another change is the viscosity of saliva. The woman will have a feeling to spit the saliva as it will be uneasy to swallow. Some women may feel tiredness and not feel to get up from bed in morning, They may also feel mild giddiness when trying to get up.

  • The earliest symptoms of pregnancy are missing the period and nausea. The other symptoms of pregnancy are fatigue, feeling of heaviness and tenderness of breasts.

    Nowadays, ladies who miss their periods check pregnancy at their residences with the help of pregnancy kits readily available in the medicine shops. After checking the same, they meet the gyanaecologists. The pregnancy kits give accurate results in 90% of cases.

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  • Not every pregnant will have the same kind of symptoms. It may differ from 1st pregnancy to the second itself. Some of the symptoms that I experienced are
    1. Feeling tired without doing any work
    2. Frequent urination
    3.Mood swings
    4. Morning sickness
    5. Constipation
    6. Hungry to eat, but nothing tasted good to eat more than 2 or 3 spoons.
    7. Change in sleep routine

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  • If your period is regular, the first symptom of pregnancy is the missing of period. You can check and confirm the pregnancy next day of the missing of your period. pregnancy kits are available in market, which gives 95 percantage postive result.
    After that you can consult a doctor and confirm it through ultrasound scan or blood test. Nowadays ultrasound scan is doing as apart of confirmation and the to check the whether baby is growing inside the uterus or in fellopian tube.
    Before missing the periods you may feel tender breast and increase in the size of the areola.
    But it may confused with the premenstrual symptoms. you may feel dizziness, vomiting tendency,acidity as apart of pregnacy.

  • There are few initial symptoms of pregnancy:
    1. Stopping of MC (period)
    2. Feeling of vomiting or vomiting.
    3.Slowly increasing belly.
    4. Tiredness and fatigue
    5. Sometimes mild giddiness

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  • There are many signs and symptoms of pregnancy that the above members have listed. Many of them are not confirmatory, there are instances wherein women have thought its weight gain when they are actually pregnant.

    If you feel things something is not right, apart from the symptoms listed, You need to see a qualified registered practitioner who can assess you. Over the counter, strips show colored bands based on the level of the hormone of pregnancy that is present in urine. Even this is NOT foolproof. Many medical practitioners combine a triple check ( clinical examination by a qualified medical or obstetric doctor + an Ultrasound + blood levels of the pregnancy hormone - b-HCG). Lastly, they assess whether it's a normal pregnancy or an ectopic (outside the uterus) pregnancy.


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