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    Want guidance for electrical engineering

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    I have just completed my degree in Electrical. Now I am confused about how to get a good job. Should I do any particular course which would be beneficial for getting job or just keep giving interviews? Are there any good classes to prepare for the government exams like MSEB etc.?
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  • Most of the companies has changed the recruitment trend. Just by completing an Engineering degree is not enough. Hence you need to focus on your core area and should complete an certification course in that area. So first identify your area of interest or specialization and start doing a certification course.

    Your project plays very important role while searching for a job. So elaborate your role in the project what you have done and mention in the resume. Also in your certification course, do some mini project and mention in the resume.

    Companies are looking for job ready students and they will not provide full training. Hence you have to equip your knowledge as per the industry requirements.

    After that, you can start to attend interviews by applying jobs in your area of interest. Interview preparation tips

  • I don't think there are many classes out there for govt based electrical engineering position. However each year government opens recruitment for electrical engineers in various companies it owns such as BHEL, HAL etc. There are also some of the private owned and MNCs which hire the electrical engineers. I suggest you to take some soft skill training on how to behave at workplace. Also learn how the real work goes on in the job places. This way you can make yourself job ready. And also it'd be easier for anyone to recruit you.

  • Many companies in public sector ask for GATE score for eligibility criterion for recruitment . So if you have not appeared for GATE, you may do that. Electrical Engineering s a basic course and there are many specialisation and branch courses you can do either as post graduate course or diploma course. You can join them while simultaneously looking for jobs. Guide books for competitive examinations for jobs are available in book stores and even online. You may follow them. You have different choices for job - those general jobs for which graduation/ Engineering is the minimum qualification, and those core jobs where the qualification is electrical engineering.
    You can search the net for the various job sites and from them the different jobs that need electrical engineering as eligible qualification. You may search in iSC also. From there you may get an idea what are the additional qualifications sought by the employers. It is better t subscribe a n employment newspaper/ magazine like Employment news and glance to know the latest trends in recruitment.

  • Foe B.E/B.Tech Electrical Engineering graduates there is a very good scope to get a job. There are many companies in private and public sector, which offer jobs specialised for electrical engineers. You have to look around. All manufacturing companies require electrical engineers. Companies with HT line connection should have a engineer qualified and certified by the state electricity board. If you can get that certificate, it will become very useful to you in getting a job. I think the details of this certification you can get from your state electricity board.
    You can also compete for non core jobs like IT jobs.
    Many public sector Industries require these engineers. Employment news will publish the detailed announcements of these requirements. Follow them. As already advised GATE score is important for these jobs. Attend the exam and try to get a good score.

    always confident

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